Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!

Every Year I make a New Years Resolution, I end up like most other people, and half way through February, end up breaking it. Last year, I skipped it entirely, knowing that I would never follow through and being more preoccupied with the upcoming birth of Chunk, it didn't seem important. This year I plan to make some, and hopefully follow through with them. 

It Never fails that each year on New Years we are sick! We manage to make it through the Year without getting sick at all, and then we all four get sick on after Christmas. I Suppose that is a small price to pay to be healthy the rest of the year! I have been busy lately with two sick little guys, and trying to get my house back in order from Christmas. So one of my resolutions will be to get organized, I haven't been doing well about posting the Giveaways on time, or announcing winners. Most of it is due to birthday parties, holidays and sickness, but even so I am going to become better organized with this whole deal.

My Hubby has lost a bunch of weight since his company did a health fair at his job back in September. He has started working out and eating better, and I want to board the "diet train", but I know how he is - Competitive! So another resolution is I am going to try losing weight on the down low. I am not a competitive person, and get discouraged easily, so I think doing it without announcing it, will be easier. Hopefully I can report some good results soon!

I spend every waking moment with my children, and I would never change that. I am going to try doing some more activities with them, being more active also. Chunk has been smaller and it has made it difficult, but with him being a little bigger now it will be easier to do some things! My last resolution is to plan more outdoor activities, indoor too! Spank will start Pre-K in the Fall, and I want to enjoy all this time to its FULLEST!

Do you make any Resolutions for the New Year? What Are they?

Hope you all have a Happy and Safe New Year!

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