Sunday, January 15, 2012

Natural House Cleaning Products Review & Giveaway

We've tried more than our fair share of natural cleaners, some worked alright, others not so much. I'll admit I use natural cleaners on the countertops, tabletops, and high chairs daily, but I use normal cleaners on our floors and bathrooms every other cleaning. I just haven't found one for those areas that I feel works well enough and gets the place clean, like a cleaner with those chemicals in them. 

Then we tried Natural House, natural household cleaning products, and that changed my mind. We reviewed Flushy, Sinky & Trashy, and we're very pleased with all of them! 

Flushy is a natural toilet bowl, septic and drain cleaner all in one little packet. For it being natural, it sure does pack a punch at cleaning!  Just drop one Flushy foaming packet in your toilet bowl, wait 5-10 seconds, scrub and flush probiotics through your pipes and septic. One packet lasts one week, and the toilet bowl stayed fresh and smelled pleasant, the scent we reviewed was Fresh Mint scent.

Sinky, is a natural disposal & drain cleaner, this was one of the products I was most excited to try. We've had a lot of problems with our disposal staying clean, we use a lot of cleansing products for it, and even when we don't use it for a while, it still starts to smell a bit, um Funky. I am proud to say that after 2 weeks of using Sinky, we haven't had any smells! It is simple to use, just like Flushy, it is a packet that you toss into your drains, turn on your hot water for 5-10 seconds, then if you have a disposal, turn it on for 1-3 seconds, and watch the foaming action start to clean! We reviewed Sinky in a fresh Citrus Scent, and it was a nice fresh smell. 

The last product we reviewed was Trashy, this was the one I was most excited about. Considering Chunk's Diaper pail and the horrid smell that it emits, I put Trashy to work the moment I received it in the mail. Now we have tried EVERYTHING with this pail, including washing regularly, but I guess there is bound to be some smell when there are dirty diapers sitting in a confined space for a day or so, right? Actually, this did a great job at cutting that smell down, I was shocked! To use trashy just spray inside your trash can or diaper pail and let it air dry or wipe it down before putting in another bag, thats it! I loved the fresh wintergreen smell the best out of all the scents too! I know we will be purchasing more of this one, especially because hubby is ALWAYS complaining about the smell of the diaper pail. It worked well on the kitchen trash can also.

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You can purchase Natural House products directly from their website or on Amazon, this is a great option, especially if you you use Amazon Prime or Free Super Saver Shipping.  

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