Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Cookbook, A recipe challenge!

I'm sure everyone has been there before, when you feel like your cookbook is on shuffle, for some that might not be a problem, except I don't have many recipes in my cookbook! I've also never been a "strong" cook, I can prepare an okay meal, but outside of the basics, well, we will just say I've got a lot of learning to do!
While planning this weeks meals, I decided what the heck, It's a new year, Why not a new Menu! My Challenge to myself is a month(or more) of totally new recipes, some of them may be simple, but still nothing I've made before.
So where does one go to find a wonderful collection of recipes to try? Why Pinterest, of course!
Here is What I came up with for this week:

Chicken Oscar


Anyone have any great recipes they'd like to share, or still waiting to try out? Most of mine have been sitting in my pinterest, waiting on me to find the time.

 On Pinterest?
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  1. Oh wow these look fantastic. I'm dying to try new dishes... we're stuck in a rut. We don't have that many recipes that we use normally, and I need to vary it up!

  2. My mother used to make the chicken poppyseed, and it is GLORIOUS!


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