Friday, June 1, 2012

Poofin Review & Giveaway

My kids are obsessed with anything fluffy and cuddly! Put a pillow on the floor and they will both flock to it like seagulls on a crumb. So when we received our Poofin they fought over it til I had to step in and break it up!
Poofin is a seriously soft plush star pillow type toy that comes with interchangeable soft picture charms to represent all the great things in your child's life that makes him or her unique.
I love this idea! Spank is only 4, but he is starting to become an independent young man, making his own choices of what he likes and dislikes. No, I'm not talking about strained peas type choices but more what sports he likes and music, movies and activities. It really is bittersweet seeing him grow, but I like that Poofin allows children to choose from many different picture charms and collect the different things they like inside the "belly" of the star!
They have many different charms to choose from whether you have a sporty child, a little chef, or a girly girl on your hands. They even have customizable charms for your kids trips away from home this Summer, to help with that homesick feeling. You could even customize a charm for your child's special day, whether it be birthday, preschool or middle school Graduation or other various events.
The steps to getting started are simple!
1. Choose a Poofin- stars come in Bright Red, Blue or Pink!
2. Pick out your charms for inside from the great selection here or design your own charm.
3. Share them with your friends & family!

Spank has had a blast showing his Poofin off to everyone! He chose the Blue poofin and inside has his Skateboard, Bowling and Popcorn charms. He loves skateboarding and bowling, and if you didn't read my post on his Halloween costume a couple years back to know about his absolute LOVE of Popcorn, well, he LOVES it! He will tell you that too when you ask him about his charms, its quite cute. We plan on adding a few Charms to his collection in the coming months, he likes getting on the computer and browsing them. So far he has the Taco, penguin and he wants to get one of a runner because he is a runner. I may have to design one for him with his medals from his races. I think he'd enjoy that!

This would make a TERRIFIC gift for any Older child, I think the older they get it gets a bit harder to shop for some, this would be perfect for those children.

To Buy: To purchase a Poofin, visit the Poofin Store to get started!

To Win: One Lucky Reader will win a Poofin and two charms of their choosing! To enter follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form below.


  1. I would pick the rabbit and the dumptruck charms

  2. the rabbit charm!

    cmcosman at yahoo dot com

  3. I might pick the tennis ball and sports car!


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