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Guess Whoo's One Event: Day 5-Wild Mountain Mommies Review

Guess Whoo's One Review & Giveaway Event:
Day 5


Wild Mountain Mommies Cloth Diaper Review

I stumbled upon Wild Mountain Mommies a couple months ago, and fell in love with her diaper prints. So you can imagine my excitement when I was able to review one of these diapers on my Chunk's cute little bum.

Here are My Thoughts:
Diaper Type:Pocket
Sizing: OS
Closure: Single row of Front Snaps
Number of snaps on each wing:
What Diaper: Chunk's bottom had the joy of being covered by a Owl printed One size pocket diaper from Wild Mountain Mommies.
Diaper Type: Pocket
Sizing: OS
Material: This diaper is lined with super soft micro chamois , and has a inner layer of waterproof fabric, and is covered in a cotton printed fabric on the outside. This diaper does not need a cover.
Insert material: Hemp Fleece Bi-folded

The Fit: The fit of this diaper is great! It has a cross over snap option with 5 snaps straight across, I have said it before that I'm a huge fan of the extra row of snaps, but with this diaper, It worked well without it. Christina from Wild Mountain Mommies included some hip snaps for us, but we haven't needed them yet.

Print: The owl print is too cute, in fact Wild Mountain Mommies has some of the cutest prints around, I am in love with the  Multi Minky Whales print she has in her shop right now. I may have to make that our next addition.

Leaks: This diaper has been the longest lasting diaper so far, and I am not even sure it has met its maximum absorbancy. We have had many Dr. appointments in the city lately and its quite a drive to many of them. Well I put this diaper to the test during one of these trips, and he didn't leak and lasted the trip in this diaper.

Cost: Depending on what system you use, for the pockets they run around 12.00-19.00, depending on prints and whether or not it is waterproof. They also sell AIO, AI2 and covers. The price varies on those as well, but still reasonably priced.

On the scale of 1-5:
Fit: 3/5
Print: 4/5
Cost: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
I would recommend Wild Mountain Mommies diaper's to anyone using One size Pocket diapers, this particular diaper was the most absorbent diaper I've used.  Plus it holds up really well against cake! hehe

Buy It:
Want to know where to purchase your own Wild Mountain Mommies Diaper for your little one? You can purchase by going to their Website, Or you can contact Christina on Wild Mountain Mommies's Facebook page, Be sure to "Like" their page to keep up with all their latest and greatest products and deals.

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