Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happee Birthdae to Spank: A Harry Potter Party.

As most of you have read a while back, Spank chose a Harry Potter theme for his 4th birthday in December. With me being the HUGE Potter fan that I am, I got just as excited right along with him. 

It was a little difficult, with his Birthday being right at Christmas we we're on a bit of a budget. Another thing was he is only 4, and wasn't quite ready for the "Hogwart's Class Party's" that I have seen other's do, Maybe when Chunk gets older he will be a Potter fan and we can do that! The last thing that made it a bit difficult was that we don't have a large family, and most of our friends have children that are older or none at all, so I didn't want to go over the top for 5 children, but I did want to make it special for Spank.

The First thing I knew I had to do was turn our doorway into Platform 9&3/4. 

 Close up of the Platform 9&3/4 sign hanging above the door.

The food table didn't turn out quite as well as I'd have liked it. We we're rushing around trying to get the things done last minute, so it wasn't as "nice" as I'd have liked it to be.
The Menu:
Wrackspurt Snot-Chili dip
Dragon Scales-Tortilla chips and Cool Ranch doritos
Scabber's missing fingers-cocktail weenies
Hogwarts sorting hats-cheesy pie crusts(in the shape of wizard hats)
Troll boogers-green candied popcorn
The Golden Snitch-Rice krispie treat in the shape of a golden snitch
Pumpkin Juice-I just used orange kool-aid, I knew I wouldn't have time to make it and people weren't likely to choose that over Butterbeer.

Most of it was Gone, so that was a good sign that even if it wasn't as organized as I'd have liked, It still tasted good!

My attempt at the Weasley Clock, I didn't have access to a photo at that time, and I forgot to get a photo of it after I added hubby and My photos.

We made these signs on the WB website for Free, I wished they had been a little bigger, but you could probably play around with the size and make them larger if you wanted to, I just didn't have the time.

Gilly weed, anyone?
(cilantro in water)

The Goody Table
U-No-Poo(lemon heads) from Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Weasley's Wizarding Wheeze's Whooping Cushions
HoneyDukes Chocolate Frogs & card
Jelly Slugs(gummy worms)
Adopt a Pygmy Puff
Ollivander's Wands
Licorice Wands

When the Kid's arrived we drew glasses and scars on them with some make-up, that I got on clearance after Halloween.(Certain Adults chose to sport the Potter look as well.) The little guests then went upstairs and we're sorted into Houses, and pinned with the Crest of their house they were sorted into.

I made the Crests out of some rings, the kind that are put on the top of cupcakes. I broke the backs off and hot glued them onto pin backings with some ribbon. These and the Wands we're the kid's favorite part!

Each child was given a Gringott's bank card and went to play games.

We had Hagrid's Hut, where each child had to throw the spider's through the holes in the his Hut.
We Searched for the Golden Dragon Eggs, each had a capsule inside that grew into a dragon when you soaked it in water.
Then we played Pin the Scar on Harry, the adults even got in on this one!

The Kid's got their Gringott Bank Cards punched after every game and was able to purchase their Hogwart goodies from Honeydukes(the goody table).

We moved on to Cake and Presents next, Spank was most excited about his cake with his "Harry Potter Quiddich"on top!

Presents are fun, but even at 4 the box is still better!

After this we gave the kid's some paper and markers and they all made their own marauder's maps until the adults were ready to leave.

Overall the party wasn't as organized and nice as I had planned it, but doing it all solo(with the exception of my sisters helping with streamers and helping with a few last minute food items.) I think it turned out pretty well. Most importantly, Spank and his friends had a blast!

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