Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lotus Bumz Cloth Diaper Review

Lotus Bumz Review

Lorain, Creator of Lotus Bumz, started her business when she realized that there is a great need for an affordable cloth diaper. After deciding to go with cloth diapers with her new born and seeing the physical benefits that it had on his skin, she decided more parents needed to know their was a way of diapering their children that was better for the environment, as well as being affordable.
I was sent a Grassy Green Lotus Bumz Diaper by Lorain to Review.

Here are My Thoughts:
Diaper Type:Pocket
Sizing: OS
Closure: double row of waist snaps
Number of snaps on each wing:5, including hip snaps

What Diaper: We received a Lotus Bumz 1.0, in Grassy Green.
Diaper Type: Pocket
Sizing: OS
Material: This diaper has a Microfleece lining , and has an outer layer of waterproof PUL. This diaper does not need a cover.

Insert material: The Insert provided was a 3 layer Microfiber Insert.

The Fit: The fit of this diaper is good, Chunk is a good 20 lbs. and I had it on the second rise setting, and it just fit, the legs were a bit large though.   It has a cross over snap option with 5 snaps straight across, and the hip snaps, which we know I love!

Print: The Print we received was a green, I liked it because we have a couple different green diapers in our stash, but none this shade. Lotus Bumz also has a couple of different print patterns that their Cloth diapers come in, and they are adorable!

Leaks: We have not had a leak yet, we haven't used this diaper for overnight use yet, as it gapes a bit in the legs. Maybe in a couple of months I will, once he has grown a bit more.

Cost: The Printed Patterns & Solids vary a bit, but both diapers range anywhere from 11.75-16.95. That is a good price, especially for a cute diaper that works well!

On the scale of 1-5:
Fit: 3/5
Print: 3/5
Cost: 4/5
Overall: 3/5
I would recommend Lotus Bumz to anyone using One size Pocket diapers or anyone looking to try a One size pocket, this would be a great diaper to start with, and stick with! I would recommend it more for larger babies though, as it seemed like it ran a bit bigger.

Buy It:
Want to know where to purchase your own Lotus Bumz Diaper for your stash? You can purchase by going to their Website, Or you can contact Lorain on Lotus Bumz Facebook page. Be sure to "Like" their page to keep up with all their latest and greatest products and deals. You can also follow them on Twitter.


  1. These sound great!

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  2. These are great diapers. They stay in place, are very absorbent, and do not permit leaks. These are our favorite out of all diapers. They fit so much better and don't leak nearly as often.. haven't leaked yet actually unless you need a bigger size. Good indicator!
    honest company

  3. My son is almost two, and has used many different brands of diapers. He pulls and tugs at them, colors on them with paint and markers and stretches them over his head (when they are clean). Do you want to find more some good ideas about using diapers.


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