Monday, February 20, 2012

Bean-b-Clean Review

Bean-b-Clean Review

When both boys were born, they had Cradle Cap(a yellowish, patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty skin rash on babies scalp), we tried everything to get rid of it, we would scrub for hours and just when I thought it would be taming down, it would be back again and worse within a month. We still hadn't figured out a way to get rid of it, or keep it less noticeable. What makes it worse is both boys have dark hair, and Spank has longer hair, so having those huge flakes in his hair randomly isn't very appealing. Yes, thats right Spank still has it! I guess the would call it dandruff now since he is older, but it looks the same as it has since he was an infant. Whats worse is his skin is so sensitive oils and special shampoos will only make all of his skin terrible with a rash.

We were sent Bean-b-Clean Cradle Cap brush to treat their Cradle Cap. After using it on the third day, Both of my boy's had clear scalp, I was overjoyed! They didn't mind me using it either, they sat there and let me, Spank even commented it felt good, I think it was relaxing to him. Especially, because he complains about having his hair washed & brushed. We have continued using it to keep it at bay, I would hate it to come back with a vengeance. If it does though, we will be ready with our Bean-b-Clean!

A Little information on the Creators of Bean-b-Clean:
"Bean-b-Clean is a USA "grandmom and grandpop" company whose goals are to provide needed, functional products at affordable prices. It was formed as a wholesale company in early 2009, as the result of the birth of their first grandchild who developed cradle cap. After extensive and unsuccessful searches in stores and on the internet, we researched, repurposed, tweaked and tested an existing product as our first mission and brought the now named Bean-b-Clean® to the thousands of infants facing the same crisis."

I would recommend the Bean-b-Clean to any parent battling the annoying Cradle Cap on the infant or child.
To Buy:
Want to know where to purchase your own Bean-b-Clean? Visit their Website, also add them on Facebook.

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