Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Repurposed Tv Cart

Repurposed Tv Cart

Chunk already LOVES his books, even at only One years old he will always crawl to his books and flip through them whenever he is playing. Since he was little he has loved sitting and listening to me read to him, so I've been wanting to give him a reading area in his room. I just didn't know exactly what or how I wanted to do it. His room isn't all that big, so I didn't want it taking up too much room, and he doesn't have any awesome little nooks or extra closets like all those Great Pinterest ideas!

What I did know is I wanted something he could use now and that would grow with him. So I set out looking for furniture that I could use, I'll admit at first I wasn't thinking outside the box. I was just expecting there to be the perfect piece of furniture that would be in our price range and work, I learned quickly and remembered from other projects that I needed to think outside the box.

I found a Tv cart on castors, you know the kind I'm talking about I'm sure. The Tv stand is only made of pressboard, but I thought I could do something with it, especially because it was only $2.50. So I bought it and brainstormed on the drive home, I knew I would need to take the Castors off of it, because Chunk would be wheeling that around the room. I also knew I wanted a bench in there, and with wheels on it, that would be a danger to him. I decided if I flipped it I would have a front and back shelf and the seat would be lower, I would also have two sides that would hold a cushion perfectly, I would just need to add a back to it. My goal was to keep it as cheap and safe as possible for a One year old's room. I found a piece of wood at Home Depot in their scrap section and had someone there cut it down to the dimensions I needed.
I screwed the board to the back of the tv stand and through the bottom and capped it, so it wouldn't scratch our floors. I sanded the top and covered the edges with baby bumper safety covers, but I didn't bother painting. I may go back and paint it, but for now the wood will be covered, so I didn't see much of a point.
Next up was the cushion, I bought some foam from Joann's in the size I wanted. When I got home I cut it down to the exact size I needed, and covered it with batting to make it puffier. Then I layed my fabric out, I only needed a yard, but my cushion cover was smaller, and started pinning around three sides of it. I left the Third side open because I was putting a zipper on there to be able to take the cover off and wash it. With the third side I put the zipper in and finished up.

My projects are always quick ones, so I didn't add piping or any special touches or anything, but you can always add anything to it depending on how fancy or embellished you'd like it. I wanted the cushion to be removable so Chunk can pull it down to sit on right now until he gets a bit taller to climb safely onto the bench to sit.
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  1. Great idea! I love purposing old pieces into new furniture!

  2. I just wanted to tell you I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award!


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