Friday, February 24, 2012

StinkPot Cloth Diaper Detergent Review

 Natural Detergent for Today's Cloth Diapers!

I love trying out new cloth diaper detergents, especially those with unique scents. We make our own detergent, and while it is lightly scented, it is always nice to try different fun scents on Chunk's Cloth diapers. Especially when you try a detergent that is made from scratch with 'simple wholesome ingredients'.  
 StinkPot, cloth diaper detergent by Shower Treat Soap, created by a small family living in Vicksburg, MI. in 1997 who began with a bar of soap, then added products over the years as the business grew.  When their Children were babies, Shower Treat Laundry Soap worked great on the Pre-fold diapers they used then.  Customers begged for a detergent that was safe for Today's cloth diapers, after testing it until they got the formula just right, StinkPot was born!
I was sent the Tangerine Dream to try out on Chunk's diapers. The smell of the detergent was really nice, it wasn't an overpowering citrus smell, it was a pleasant blend. I loved that my diapers had no stink and they we're more absorbent after using the detergent.

I took this from StinkPot's website and wanted to share it with you, because I LOVE how the whole family is involved with this business!!
"Every bag that goes out is handled entirely by our family.  Jen (she has Down Syndrome if you were wondering) often puts the labels on the bag, so if you get a crooked one from time to time you'll understand.  I make the products, Alex is in charge of tech support (thank goodness for teenagers!) and Kent is the muscle of the operation.  From our family to yours, thank you for buying StinkPot Cloth Diaper Detergent!"

StinkPot is available in Three Scents: 
Lullabye Lavender
Tangerine Dream
Sweet Nothing's (Unscented)

They also have many sizes available too: (Sample) 5 Standard loads/10 HE Machine loads-$3(shipping included)
25 Standard loads/50 HE Machine loads-$7.99
50 Standard loads/100 HE Machine loads-$12.99
100 Standard loads/200 HE Machine loads-$23.99
200 Standard loads/400 HE Machine loads-$45.99
They also have a $6.00 Flat Rate Shipping cost!

To Buy:
Want to purchase some StinkPot to try out on your own diaper stash? There are a couple ways to buy some. They are offering my lucky readers a 25% discount if you purchase StinkPot on their Etsy between now and 2/29, just use the code "WELCOME" at checkout. StinkPot can also be bought at or you can go to Shower Treat Soap and fill your cart with some of their other Natural Laundry detergents & Soaps.

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  1. I love Stinkpot! It works great on my diapers, and is much less expensive than the big green brand, plus has fewer fillers :-)


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