Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Being from Michigan, we usually spent our Fat Tuesdays eating a Paczki, but since moving to Georgia they are hard to find. While grocery shopping in the Bakery section today, I came across freshly baked Paczki's, so you know I bought a 4 pack, enough for all of us, of course didn't give the boys their own, so someone will have to eat that last one. With them being roughly 500 calories a piece, I doubt it will be me! They we're delicious and It was a good thing that we had decided yesterday to start running today. Our family ran 2 miles today, we did take breaks because we are just starting out, but I am excited to start running again. I used to be a hardcore runner, until I got pregnant with Spank, I stopped and started again after his birth but quickly learned it was difficult to find time while working and taking care of a baby. So, now that hubs and I are back to working out, I am hoping to shed some of this terribly unwanted weight!
How did you celebrate Fat Tuesday?
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  1. I absolutely love Mardi Gras. My husband's entire family is from the general New Orleans area and a lot of family is still there, so we try go back to NOLA as frequently as possible during the year. We especially try to get there for Mardi Gras though. There is something absolutely electrifying about watching Krewe of Rex parade down St. Charles on Mardi Gras day... the king of Mardi Gras being escorted in such elegance, or the sound of little kids shouting "throw me something, mister" or "DOUBLOONS!!" It's one of my favorite times of the year.


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