Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snappi Review

Snappi  Review

We have had some Prefolds sitting in the drawer since Chunk was born. I haven't had the courage to try them, they have always just seemed too time consuming for my little wiggle worm. Well when I was sent a Snappi to try, I decided to dig out those Prefolds and try them out!

So What is a Snappi? Its a diaper fastener, that works as a replacement to diaper pins. They are made of a stretchable Non-toxic material, which is t-shaped and has teeth on the 3 ends to attach to the diaper. The elastic of the Snappi helps to hold the diaper in place.

We tried our Snappi on a couple different Prefolds and I wasn't sure if it was the diaper or my squirmy child. I decided to try it on Mr. Bear and realized its wasn't the diapers, but indeed the squirmy child! This doesn't surprise me, considering that It takes every toy in the room to get him to sit still during any diaper change.
We will keep at it, and hopefully it will get easier, or little man will stop wiggling as much.

My Overall opinion of the Snappi is that the purpose of it works wonderful. It is a wonder of improvement compared to using Diaper Pins, especially if you have a child who wiggles. It would work awesome with younger ones too!

To Buy:
To purchase a Snappi to try for yourself, you can visit them at They have six different colors to choose from, as well as two different sizes.

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