Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PeekaDid & Kidzies Review

PeekaDid & Kidzie's 

"Meet PeekaDid -Splendipity's hip, eclectic brother. A new line of unique, eye catching apparel for Boys!"
Amanda from Kidzie's did the Artwork for the PeekaDid collection, to match the PeekaDid apparel. There are so many adorable designs! 

I was sent a couple of Kidzie's Huggerz from the PeekaDid collection, as well as a Koin Keepers and a personalized Kling-ease. 

I received the Big Spender Koin Keeperz from Amanda, and Spank was quick to swipe it (it was his anyway). His excuse? "I need this for my Chuck E. Cheese tokens." As if there were any other purpose for it. I love that it has the cute artwork on the front, and clips right onto your bag, or in Spank's case, his pants.
I did get to keep the personalized Kling-ease, a removable, repositionable, residue-free & waterproof cling. It comes in 3 sizes! You can choose from an initial, or personalize it, even adding pictures! I plan on ordering Spank one for his Innotab, so he will be able to keep track of it. I put mine on my Iphone, It is repositionable, cause It wasn't straight and I had to fix it. No residue, and stuck back on perfectly!
What is a Huggerz you ask? According to Kidzie's- "Sweatless Technology offers a chic way to keep your kid's drink safer from the elements. Easily Identify cup, minimize furniture rings, and make it fun!"
The Huggerz that I received were the Monster Huggerz and the Owl Huggerz, which were perfect for my little guys, cause Spank is my little monster and Chunk's infant theme has been owl's!  They also have a lot of cute girl designs!

I used the Huggerz on Spanks sippy cup, which is a Playtex sipster and it fit wonderfully. Chunk has had a hard time with sippy's so we are still trying a variety of brands and styles with him, but it has fit all the full sized sippys we've tried, Obviously not the ones with the handles. I will also say that since we started putting this on his cups on Friday, he has actually started using his cup(other than a projectile). So I will say "HOORAY FOR KIDZIES!"
Now, I need to go get the Onesie to match Chunk's Huggerz from PeekaDid, and a couple others. They are too cute! 

Want to purchase one of these great items or something else from Kidzies? They are offering 40% off to my readers. Just use the code "review" at checkout.  Any of these items would make great stocking stuffers, or gifts for the little boy or girl in your life! Hurry, it only lasts until January 13th.
Interested in getting a matching onesie? Visit and click on the Shop PeekaDid tab! 

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