Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wylie Clothworks Cloth Diaper Review

Although, I live in Georgia, I was born and raised in Michigan. I am always hearing from family and friends about how hard the northern states are being hit with unemployment and the economy is worse in Michigan than most others. So I try to buy Michigan made products whenever I find them to help out my fellow Michiganders.
So when I heard about Wylie Clothworks, and saw that they were in Michigan, I was all about purchasing some new diapers for Chunk from her! I was sold 100% when I saw she had a MSU diaper!

Now My Thoughts:

What Diaper: I reviewed two Wylie Clothworks One size pocket diapers (The Grinch & Michigan State University Fabrics) with two of her Bamboo over microfiber inserts.

The Fit: I liked the fit on this diaper okay, I wasn't crazy about the side snaps. I understand that is probably the only way to get the cute printed fabric on it, but my little man is a squirmer, so it makes it quite difficult to get it on correctly or tight enough. I have learned to save these as AM diapers, or right after nap changes, cause he is still a bit groggy and usually a bit more still. Other than that, the fit is great! Leg room is wonderful, and I think he will be able to fit into this one for a while!

Print: Of Course you already know, I love the print! She has a wonderful assortment here for both Boys and Girls! She also has many other great cloth diaper accessories in these prints as well.

Leaks: We have had a couple leaks in this diaper, It is only the Grinch one though. I'm not exactly sure why either. I should tell you though, that one was when we were at my sister's college Graduation, and couldn't get up for an extended amount of time. He was wiggling around alot in our laps, so this all could be a contributing factor to this leak, haha. The other time was a nap, and it is still a regular in our stash.

Cost:  Wylie Clothworks Diapers are wonderfully priced, especially for being handmade. She Does custom orders as well, but I believe she has stopped taking them for a while, until after the holiday rush. Her diapers without an insert run anywhere from 12.00-23.00, it varies with each print and product. She also has diaper covers, and custom trainers for the older ones.

On the scale of 1-5:
Fit: 3/5
Print: 5/5
Cost: 5/5
Overall: 4/5
I would recommend Wylie Clothworks diaper to anyone using One size or Pockets, they are adorable and work great!

Buy It:
to contact Megan or just for more information. You can also email her for special orders or questions at
Megan is an Awesome person to work with, she communicates with you every step of the way, she works quickly, especially considering the amount of orders she gets! Great customer service! I was also sent some Cloth wipes to try out! We are brand new to using cloth wipes, but I have been wanting to switch for a while now. Its definitely a harder step than switching to cloth, but we are sticking to it! Be sure to check out Wylie Clothworks other great eco-friendly items!

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