Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 2 of Ho Ho holiday Gift Event: Snowflake Scarf giveaway

Day 2: Ho Ho Holiday Gift Event
Kim's Crocheted Creations Review & Giveaway

When I discovered Kim's Crocheted Creation's  I knew I had to ask her to be part of our Ho Ho Holiday Gift Event! Her work is so great, and her customer service pairs perfectly with it! 
Kim's Crocheted Creation's has everything from hats and scarves to blankets for sale on her facebook page, Something for everyone from Kids to adults, men and women alike! 

This would be sweet for a little girl as well as a teenager.
These are a HOT item this winter with the teens!
I love this, I plan to see if Kim can make a Michigan State one for my family! She is willing to try other teams, perfect for the men on your shopping list! 
I love this for the wee ones! Adorable! 

All of Kim's Items are more than reasonably priced, and a great gift that anyone is sure to love! 

A little Info about the Creator herself:
Kim has been married for 9 years and has two children, Lee-7 and Sienna-3,They have both been models for some of her hats. She has been crocheting for about 20 years and she loves making new things! 

Kim has graciously donated this Colorful Snowflake scarf to one lucky reader! 

Buy It:
To purchase anything from Kim's Crocheted Creation's you can message her on facebook to order, or you can email her directly at She accepts check, Cash, Money order, or pay pal*ONLY WITH SAME E-MAIL ADDRESS* 
Shipping prices are $5.00 to US, Canada is $10. 

Win it:
One Lucky reader will win a colorful snowflake scarf(pictured above) 
To enter follow directions on the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway will end at 12:01 on 12/6. 
I will notify winner by email and you will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. 
Be sure to come back for my other events featuring more great items from Kim's Crocheted Creation's! 

Monday Mingle

Monday Mingle

This Week's Questions:
1. What did you and your family do for Thanksgiving?
2. What is your favorite way to use Thanksgiving leftovers
3. Fill in the blank: “I really wish I hadn’t eaten so much _______________ on Thanksgiving.

My Answers:
1. We went to my In-laws house for a turkey dinner, and then shopping at midnight! 

2. Well, usually we just eat them, but since we made our own meal and we have a lot more leftovers this year. I will be making turkey noodle soup this week, and I found a recipe somewhere(I cannot remember where now) that was a turkey casserole, It looked yummy! I think we will try that one also! 

3. I really wish I hadn't eaten so much of everything on Thanksgiving. I ate the most sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes though! It was worth it though.

Ho Ho Holiday Gift event Day 1: $25 Kudzoom gc

Ho Ho Holiday
 Gift Event
Day 1

A while back I posted a review for Kudzoom, a new daily deal site. It has only had more great deals lately, I got a Great bib for Chunk a while back for Only $4.99. The best part? They offer free shipping and have a rewards program.  They have two types of Reward Programs, 

Frequent Guest:

  • Bronze: 5 purchases shipped - $10 Kudzoom credit
  • Silver: 15 purchases shipped - $25 Kudzoom credit
  • Gold: 25 purchases shipped - $50 Kudzoom credit
  • Platinum: 50 purchases shipped - Permanent free Priority ground shipping

Grow the Family:

  • Bronze: 5 of your referrals have completed a qualifying purchase - $10 Kudzoom credit
  • Silver: 10 of your referrals have completed a qualifying purchase - $25 Kudzoom credit
  • Gold: 25 of your referrals have completed a qualifying purchase - $50 Kudzoom credit
  • Platinum: 50 of your referrals have completed a qualifying purchase - Permanent free Priority ground shipping
They have some of the cutest items that would make awesome gifts
only $5.00
How sweet would this be in your little sweeties hair? Too bad there are no girls in our family!

This sounds like the cutest book, I think I may have to get this for Spank.

They have full size coats also in various prints! 

Buy it:
You can purchase any of these items, plus many more at
Be sure to use the code MUIRI197ZMEJF  at checkout for $5.00 off!!
Win it:
One Lucky Reader will win a $25.00 Gift Certificate to to do some Christmas Shopping! 
Just Follow the directions on Rafflecopter below to enter.
Giveaway will end Friday, 12/2/2011 at 12:01

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pin It Sunday!

Pin It Sunday

Note: These are not my photos, just ones that I have repinned on my pinterest.
These would look great on an entry way table.

If I could figure out how to keep Spank out of these, I would be making them!
I just purchased the items to make one of these, I'm excited!
I love these ribbon lights, so simple and it is so adorable!

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six word Saturday

Six Word Saturday

"Family Holiday traditions are the Greatest!"

weekend planning..Kinda.

Since I was so busy this weekend with all the shopping and family gathering, I didn't get a chance to post my weekend planning. Instead, I will just post my weekend events! Same thing, but rather than looking forward, I'm looking back. 

 shopping all day with my hubby, my younger sister, and her boyfriend. We were out from midnight-4pm. Then we napped for a couple hours, and made some dinner, and watched some movies. We all had a fun time, and got some great deals! 

We cooked our Post Thanksgiving Meal, since my sister is a nursing student and was scheduled to work at the hospital on Thanksgiving, we just had our turkey dinner a little later. It was both of our first times preparing a turkey, but we survived!  Thank goodness for Moms & Grandmas to help talk you through their recipes! In the end, it all turned out delicious, and was homemade, and I won't forget the experience.
We took the Boys to see the Light's display at the college, Lights of Life. We go every year on Black Friday, but we were wore out this year, so we pushed it back a night! It was so fun to see the boys reaction to all the Christmas lights!
 Today we will be getting the house back in order after the last couple days of chaos! We also have dinner plans with my Husband best friend of 15 years, who is visiting from China. 

Did anyone score any great Black Friday deals? Anyone waiting it out for Cyber Monday? I think I may try out Cyber Monday this year too!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! 
Hope you all had a wonderful day with your family.

 We had a great day, marvelous food and nice family time. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Spank is a very athletic child. He loves playing all types of sports, we aren't sure if it's his age, or something he will carry on with. Either way we are encouraging in every way possible, we feel it is important for children to get  a lot of exercise and stay active. After much discussion and Spank's input we have decided his next sport will be hockey. 
Being from Michigan, I enjoyed hockey growing up, the games and playing after school. There is an organization that has hockey teams for young kids near us, and they have skate lessons before or after hockey practice. I could teach him, but I think he will work better with a coach. Spank is so excited to get his gear and start playing soon. As you know Canada is pretty known for their hockey, so I wasn't surprised when we found this buying guide,( it really helped with purchasing his gear, especially his skates. I knew it was important to get the right size for his safety and for his comfort too. We also knew that we didn't want to spend too much money, but wanted a good skate for him, this guide was great for that! It gave great skates for different price ranges.
 We have decided to get him the Easton Stealth skate, we like the idea of the ankle padding that helps reduce the break in time. I loved that they broke this down into junior and senior because I was having a hard time knowing what I needed to measure and look out for with all this. Now on to purchasing the rest of his gear, hoping he stays with it, cause this is starting to add up! I'd hate to imagine the prices if I hadn't checked out the Hockey gear buying guide.  Hubby isn't a hockey fan, but we are all excited to watch Spank! Watch for upcoming posts of my little man & his journey through learning to play Hockey! 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday Mingle (11/21)

Monday Mingle

This week's questions:
1. If you were stranded on a deserted island, but you could choose one famous person to be there with you, who would it be?
2. What is your favorite snack food?
3. Fill in the blank: “___________ is my least favorite household chore”.

My Answers:
1. I think I would choose Zooey Deschanel. She is so funny in everything I've watched her in, and I love her voice! If I weren't married I would have said James McAvoy! :) He is Too tempting for a married woman. 
2. I love all snack foods, they are one of my weaknesses. I was just telling hubby today I am weird because I like to lick the Doritos dust off the chip, or off Chicken in a Biscuit crackers. It started when I was pregnant with Spank, and I've done it ever since. NOTE: I only do this within the walls of my house, not while eating in public. 
3. Dishes and Laundry are hands down my least favorite chore. I don't mind the loading and unloading of washer and dryer, I just hate putting it away. Dishes and cleaning the kitchen, well, I cannot stand any part of that. 

Qwik Shower review/giveaway

Qwik Shower review & giveaway

Big wet wipes

When I was given the chance to review Qwik Shower, Big wet wipe's I was thrilled! With a houseful of Boys, we go through a lot of wet wipes and paper towels to get clean quickly. 

With a husband who is constantly taking my good dish towels to wipe his hands clean of black mechanical grease and goop from working on the vehicles, I decided this would be a great  time to try my first Big wet wipe. 
The other day when hubby came in from the garage looking for my brand new dish towels to victimize, I decided to throw him a qwik shower wipe! He looked at it, then looked at his hands and said he was going to need a roll of paper towels too. I told him just go ahead and try it, it supposed to bigger than he thought. 
He tried it and sure enough his black greasy hands came clean. I was even a little shocked, his hands were pretty nasty. The size was nice and big, and it was a bit thicker than the normal wet wipes that you find in individual packets. Hubby was impressed by them as well, so that is saying something! 

I decided to use the other wipe I received today after we had such nice weather, I decided to go for a run with Chunk in the stroller. It was nice out, but I came back all sweaty and we were about to go to the grocery  store to get items for Hubby's birthday dinner. I tried the wipe and was surprised I didn't feel all sticky like most wipes make your hands feel afterwards. The smell isn't too bad either, not lemony like I expected. (I was thinking Joe's Crab Shack wipes) 
I would use them again, I think they will come in handy once the boys start playing sports more, and in the summer months. 
I like that they are small enough to fit into your purse or gym bag, yet big enough to take care of major stink or whatever issue you may have! 
 These would be wonderful for campers who really like to rough it in the wilderness. 

Wanna try a Sample? You can request one for $1.00 here.

Buy it:

Win It:
One lucky winner will win a set of Qwik Shower wipes to try for themselves! 
Fill out the Rafflecopter form for entries to count, Giveaway will end at Midnight est. time on 12/4/2011. Winner will be drawn and emailed and will have 48 hours to respond until another winner will be drawn. 

Pin It Sunday

Pin It Sunday

 The last week of Pins of Fall/Thanksgiving crafts. Its kind of sad, but I'm ready for the Christmas creations to begin!

Note: These are not my photos, just ones that I have repinned on my pinterest.

How pretty does this look?
These would be cute at the kids table!

Spank & I plan to make these this year for Turkey Day!
Pumpkin Pie Dip- I think I could eat this year round.
How Fun Are these turkey legs made from rice krispies?

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Six word Saturday

Six word Saturday

"Spank's Turkey Trot was a Blast!"

His hands were cold.

Chunk cheerin his bubba on! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

weekend planning

Weekend planning

Relaxing this weekend, cause next weekend will be crazy with shopping!

Heavy cleaning at the house(company coming next week)
My family is coming over for pizza and movies.

Turkey Trot for Spanky
Hubby's Birthday Dinner with my In-laws 

Taking Hubby for Birthday Breakfast
relaxing day at home with family!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday 

I am Thankful for my husband, and that he has a job to go to daily. Don't get me wrong, I would love him home with us, but I am thankful God has provided him with a job to help him support his family, and allows me to stay at home with our boys.  I am thankful to god for giving me someone to share my life with, and laugh with. 
Lastly, I am thankful to my husband for passing his good looks onto our boys! hehe 

Decking the halls...Too early?

Well I've done it again, Decorated the inside of the house for Christmas already. Some would say its too early, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. In fact, most of my family would say that, but I hate seeing my house all boring and plain between Halloween and Christmas. I don't have much to decorate with for Thanksgiving, and we aren't here to enjoy it, so I jump right to Christmas! It gives us more time to look at the beautiful lights, and my boys were so excited, Spank loved helping and Chunk was bouncing up and down at the sight of the tree! So, we do it early, and I have a feeling it will be done early for years to come in our house. 

When do you start decorating for the Holidays in your house?

Monday, November 14, 2011

monday mingle

Monday Mingle

1. What’s the most exciting event, campaign (or something else) with your blog recently?

2. Do you ever get blogger burnout? How do you get over it?  

3. Fill in the blank: “_____ is a staple in winter wardrobe."

My answers:
1. Yes! I am excited about the upcoming Happee Birthdae bash in December, featuring some awesome Harry Potter items for your little ones or yourself!  
2.Not yet, but this is still fairly new to me.

3. Hats, that is one essential item in my winter wardrobe! I love hats, for me and my boys. 

Winner of the Prefense Giveaway!

We have a winner!! 
Congrats to Melissa Wilson!

The winner has been emailed and has 48 hours to reply to claim prize or another winner will be choosen! 
Thank you all for participating, keep checking for more giveaways coming soon!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pin it Sunday

Pin it Sunday

Yay! My favorite day of week, Pin it Sunday! 
Has anyone done any pinterest crafts this week? Spank and I have done some turkey crafting, and I made a bunting for fireplace. 
I found some neat pins this week.

Note: These are not my photos, just ones that I have repinned on my pinterest.

She has some awesome ideas. I love the Mccormick turkey.

This is so cute, and super simple! 

I plan to do this to save to boy's scrapbooks yearly. It will show how much they have grown.

This is an adorable idea for kid's table on thanksgiving!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Toys R Us clearance section!

Have you checked out Toys R Us clearance section online? They have some cute items that would be great gifts, extremely cheap. Some items are even available for store pickup so you wont have to pay shipping!! 
The little princess in your life would love this FAO Schwarz princess push toy!-only $5.98

Camp Rock fleece blanket-only $3.98

Shrek DS case-$2.98

Batman Dark Knight interactive bat $3.98

Six word Saturday

Its time for Six word Saturday again! 

 "Oh the joys of holiday photography"
(with two boys)

Wanna join in? Visit and learn how! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Planning

Weekend Planning

Doctor Appt. for Chunk
Kohl's- to use my $10 Kohl's cash I received in mailer.
Pick up all my photos I printed today(I was behind on printing)
Christmas Shopping for my side of the family

Christmas card photos of boys
Dinner with some friends and hubby 
Christmas shopping for the Boys
Possibly a movie! 

Grocery Shopping
Painting the living room and foyer, we haven't since we moved in. With Family coming into town soon, It needs done!! 

What are your plans this weekend? 

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