Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guess Whoo's One: Day 3-Bunnzoo Cloth Diaper

Guess Whoo's One Review & Giveaway Event:
Day 3


Bunnzoo Cloth Diaper Review

Most of you heard my thoughts before on the Bunnzoo Later Gator Diaper from Bunnzoo, If you didn't you can here.
Well I was also given the chance to review the Owl print diaper for my Guess Whoo's One event. I have been using this diaper for quite a while now, and its still a regular in our stash! 
I Apologize for the lack of photos, I will post them tomorrow. My camera is not cooperating and I cannot upload the ones I have.

Now onto My Thoughts:

What Diaper: I reviewed the One Size Owl print pocket diaper on Chunk.

Material: This diaper is made out of Anti-pill fleece inner layer and a waterproof outer layer. This diaper does not need a cover.

The Fit: I loved the fit of this diaper on Chunk, it fits him great around the hips and legs, which is rare to have it fit so great in both areas on him. We don't use this diaper as a nap or night diaper, because It has leaked a few times, but for around the house, it holds well. My only negative thing is the positioning of the insert flap, its in the middle, which I'm not super crazy about, because it was a little hard to get the flap to stay closed. Like I said before though, Great diaper for around the house, which is where we are five out of seven days.

Print: Wonderfully Adorable! I love the print! In fact I love all of Bunnzoo's prints. I've been eyeballing a few new diapers for Chunk in her new arrival section too!

Leaks: We have had a couple leaks in this diaper, mostly at nap or night, which we don't use it during then anymore.  

Cost: Awesome, the best I've seen, especially considering the quality of the diaper, which is great. You can purchase the owl diaper for $14.99, and that is with shipping included. Majority of their other diapers are in the same price range.

On the scale of 1-5:
Fit: 2/5
Print: 5/5
Cost: 5/5
Overall: 3/5
I would recommend Bunnzoo diaper's to anyone using Pocket diapers, they
are great diapers and the price is awesome for the quality you receive!

Buy It:
Want to know where to purchase your own Bunnzoo for your little one? You can purchase by going to Or you can contact Michelle on Bunnzoo's Facebook page.

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