Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Blankz Review & Giveaway

Spank is all about coloring, I guess most children are at his age! He was overjoyed when we received our Blankz in the mail to review. The Blankz are blank toys that you can color and design anyway you feel and then wash and re-create!

We received Bloink, the pig to color, and he got right to work! It comes with 5 different colored markers, the toy and even a backdrop that is able to be colored to use as a scene setting. Spank really enjoyed that, and had me helping him to make a barn and mud for his Pig on his backdrop. I think he was a little more excited that he could throw Bloink in the washer and start on a new masterpiece when he came out.

There are several different animals to choose from in The Blankz Series 1. I really enjoyed that each animal comes with its own little "collar" with a poem describing the animal wearing it. Cleaning the animals are easy, just machine wash cold, tumble dry low and let it dry completely before coloring again!

Buy It:

Interested in purchasing one for yourself, or as a gift? You can get yours on their Website. Be sure to add them on Facebook, as well as Twitter to keep up with new characters and exciting news! 

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One Lucky reader will win a Blankz of their own! To enter follow the directions on the Rafflecopter form below, Click "Read More."

Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't Think about It

Don’t think about it

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

People do not realize why t1 is a big deal when you are in the workplace. That kind of service really is not necessary at my house, I am sure, but here, it definitely plays a big part in enabling what we do. We are on the Internet all day researching potential clients and maintaining relationships with current customers. Sometimes, that means video chatting, sometimes it just means making a phone call. Either way, you have to have those services in place. I know people do not usually think about what is behind the things they use every day. I mean how often do you think about the parts in a printer, for example. That probably never happens because it is just not that necessary to consider. I think it is probably more necessary to consider your service elements in this case though. I mean it is about who is providing the stuff necessary to send data, stream videos or conduct conference calls. It is definitely a more important and more complex thing than people really think about all the time. I do not blame them! If the phone or the Internet works, then the typical person here does not need to know the data capabilities.

Knot Genie Review & Giveaway

If you've noticed in any of the photograph's posted, Spank has longer hair. Which means tangles every now & then, especially when he has his crazy bath time leaving his hair in a knotted mess! He would beg & plea for me not to brush his hair out, knowing it would hurt and tug his tangles.
We recently tried out the Knot Genie, a detangling brush, and loved it! Spank now brings this brush to us and asks for us to brush his hair after his bath. I tried it on my hair, which is always getting tangled up and It felt my hair was being played with, rather than being brushed out! I can understand why Spank is insisting on us brushing it so often now. 
Here is a Little Info from their website:
"The Knot Genie was created for every mom that has endured the foot stomping and screaming matches that come with brushing their child's hair. With the Knot Genie, even the curliest, most knotted up hair practically slips through the unique bristle configuration – gently and painlessly. Try the Knot Genie on your kids (or on yourself) – you'll be amazed by the ease of brushing, as well as how it virtually stops breakage and split ends. You've wished for hair brushing standoffs to end. Wish granted."
"The Magic trick behind the Knot Genie is one we are happy to reveal. It all has to do with the different lengths of teeth on the brush. When brushing, they bend just right, to gently untangle the hair. And because of this lack of stress, the hair's cuticle stays unharmed... revealing the smoothest, shiniest hair you've ever seen."

Buy It:
Interested in purchasing a Knot Genie for yourself or someone else? Visit their website to purchase your very own.

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One Lucky Reader will win a Knot Genie to try for themselves! To Enter follow the directions on the Rafflecopter form below, Click "read more" to see the form.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Disney Bound!

Well We are off for the boys first trip to Disney in a few hours, and I think I am the one most excited for them cause I haven't gone to sleep yet. Good thing I am not driving! Spank is So excited to see Stitch and Buzz & Woody, and of course the "Punzel Princess"(Rapunzel). This is the only princess he cares about for whatever reason, I will say it I believe its more the movie than her so much. He talks about Flynn Ryder and Pascal too! It should be a fun experience and I cannot wait to see the looks on their little faces. I will try to post as much as I can, but as I will only be on my phone, It will be limited. I promise to get a few GREAT giveaways up at the end of the week, so be looking out for them!

Butt Bench bath bench Review & Giveaway

Recently I reviewed the Butt Bench in our main bathtub. This is also the bathtub that the boys use, and has toys, shampoo and soap bottles cluttering up the tub. Sure, we have those teeny tiny  ledges we could store the bottles on, but to be honest with two boys splashing and flailing around nothing is staying on the tiny little ledge. So, Butt Bench was most needed in our house!

Wondering what the Butt Bench is?
Butt Bench® is a sturdy, high-quality patent-pending bathtub seat made of natural wood. This tub seat supports your weight – use it to make shaving easier, or sit down, relax, and turn your shower into a sauna. Butt Bench is also a great bathtub storage ledge!

We found our Butt Bench really handy, the boys like having a spot to put their toy basket and have fun  putting the bottles up there and knocking them down. I really enjoy how much more willing they are to pick up their toys at the end of bathtime, I guess we just needed a spot to put their toys to nudge the boys along! The Butt Bench was also a great help with shaving my legs, I didn't have to worry about slipping everywhere while trying to get to my ankles. I chose the White Pine bench, but it comes in several colors,including Pink for the girly girls!

Buy It:
Intereested in purchasing a Butt Bench for yourself or someone close? You can do so on their website, and be sure to add them on Facebook as well!

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One lucky reader will win a Butt Bench in their choice of color. To enter follow the directions on the Rafflecopter form below. Click "read More" to enter.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boo Rad Lee Clothing Review

Boo Rad Lee Clothing

I am a HUGE fan of kids clothing with humorous sayings, but lets face it some of the sayings get a bit old after you've read it 21 times. When I came across Boo Rad Lee Clothing I was so excited to learn they didn't have any of those overdone sayings screen printed on their t-shirts! I was Laughing out Loud while scrolling through their choices, mostly because I could relate to over half of them. 

Want to learn a little about the creators of Boo Rad Lee Clothing, here is a bit about them from their Website:

Boo Rad Lee Clothing is a family-owned clothing company based in Nashville, TN. The McConnells decided to start this clothing line after the birth of their first child, a boy. Looking around the normal places for clothes was kind of a painful experience for them. Most baby clothes were either way too old-fashioned, a little stupid, or just plain ugly. Brad started jotting down slogan ideas of his own for onesies, subjects that no one was covering. While there were plenty of onesies talking about the glory of boobs, there were very few slogans that were smart AND funny. Brad set out to change that.

Using self-taught Photoshop skills and a healthy dose of bathroom humor, Brad created design after design that made his wife, Jennifer, laugh. She suggested that he should sell them, and before long, the couple enlisted the help of a few friends to pick the best designs for their very first print run. Brad continues to crank out design ideas while Jennifer helps him edit and gets them ready to sell. Boo Rad Lee Clothing has expanded their sizes, colors, and designs, and is quickly becoming the best place to find the coolest baby and kids clothing available.

I received the Check out the Guns tank top from Boo Rad Lee Clothing for Chunk to review, and I love it!! First off, I must say it is the best quality shirt I've ever gotten. It stayed soft wash after wash and the graphic never cracked a bit! I especially love the saying the hilarious saying, and so did my husband. The shirt fit a little big, but I had no problem with that as he will be able to wear it throughout the Summer as he grows. This shirt is also available in a bodysuit for smaller sizes.

Boo Rad Lee Clothing has a great selection of clothing for both boys & girls. I am loving this Date Night shirt, and they have it in purple/lime for the gals and red/blue for the little guys. Another Favorite of mine is the Daddy Bugged my room T-shirt.  They also have a great line of Elements T-shirts, they create words related to babies only using real element symbols from the periodic table of elements.

Buy It:
Want to purchase one of these hilarious shirts for a little one in your life? You can check out all the humorous designs on their Website. Also, Be sure to add Boo Rad Lee Clothing on Facebook, to keep up with their new products and deals.

Wordless Wednesday

Who needs a Broom when you have a Vacuum!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Upcoming Review & Giveaway!

Look What I just received today!

Wanna know the best part?

With my upcoming Review of these Sheepdawgs, I will be offering you a chance to win the same pair for yourself(or as a gift). Be sure to keep checking back, You won't wanna miss this one!

Thursday, March 8, 2012



The following Giveaways and ended and winners have been notified & have 48 hours to reply until another winner is chosen!

Congrats to our Winners:

Hipncozy Review

HipnCozy Car Seat
Accessories Review

Now that Chunk has moved up into his big boy car seat, his straps have been rubbing his skin around his shoulders and neck, especially when he falls asleep in his seat. So, I contacted Becky at Hip n Cozy and she sent me their Mod Guitar Shoulder Strap Covers to review on Chunk's seat.

My first thoughts on the strap covers were they seemed a little small, but once I got them on Chunk's seat they were great, and I am certain had they been any larger they wouldn't have fit for my smaller guy. I loved the Mod Guitar pattern and the fact that they went on without having to unthread the straps from the seat. His infant seat was a pain because of that feature! I would recommend them for any little guy or gal who is having the same problem as my little man was, they have a variety of patterns for girls and boys alike.

HipnCozy  also has a great assortment of Infant Car Seat Covers as well as Toddler Car Seat Covers in a wide selection of prints and colors.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!

Can you guess who was excited for Dinner tonight!?!

Bebe Cocotine Hazelwood Necklaces Review

Bebe Cocotine Hazelwood Jewelry

I am sure most of my regular readers have heard me mention how sensitive both boys skin is, and Chunk's skin only seems to have gotten worse. Spank has had eczema since he was an infant, with using the correct soaps & shampoo on him, we have been able to control it a little better, but it has never completely gone away. Chunk actually had smooth baby skin, he was allergic to a lot of products and would get a rash, but I had thought we'd been lucky enough to escape eczema. The week of his 1st Birthday we noticed he was breaking out with what appeared to be the dreaded eczema, his has gotten worse than Spank's.

I had heard about Hazelwood having a medicinal property to help heal eczema. So I contacted Bebe Cocotine, owner of Bebe Cocotine, Lysa Wierzbicki makes stylish jewelry to made from the branches of a hazelwood tree and an assortment of crystal and glass.

Here is some Information on the benefits of Hazelwood from their Etsy page:
When in contact with skin, Hazelwood has been known to have the medicinal property of neutralizing the body's acidity, which by doing so, relieves or prevents ailments such as teething pain in infants as well as:
-skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, acne)
-sensitive & bleeding gums
-helps reduce dental cavities
-acid reflux
100% Quebec Farmed

Our Experience with Bebe Cocotine's Hazelwood necklaces were good, my boys have been wearing them a little under a month and there skin has started to improve slowly. I am just glad it isn't getting worse, which is normal for Chunk's lately. Spank is usually scratching his a lot and I can say I haven't caught him scratching in the past couple of weeks. I'm so glad they have given both of their skin a little relief!

Do you have a little one suffering from any of the problems listed above? Try out a Hazelwood necklace! Bebe Cocotine has a great selection of adorable girl's necklaces and some great color choices for Boys also.

To Buy:
To purchase one of the Necklaces featured above or to check out her other items, Visit her Etsy shop or her website. You can also add Bebe Cocotine on Facebook, to keep up with great deals and new items!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Sign Language Review

When Spank was a baby he knew Baby Sign Language, and that was mostly how he communicated with us until he learned to talk at 24 months. We have slowly been teaching Chunk, but I'll admit I had forgotten most of the basic signs. So when I received our Baby Sign Language package to review I was extremely excited to try it on the boys.

We are teaching them so they are able to communicate with my sisters boyfriend, who is hearing impaired. Sign Language can be great for young children for many reasons including reducing frustration and tantrums by showing your child a new way to communicate, it can also be used to improve speech development.

The kit we received came with the Wall chart, teaching guide, reference dictionary, and a set of nice big baby sign language flash cards. We opened it that day and started with the flash cards, Spank participated as well and It has been fun seeing him learn and help teach his brother as well. The flashcards have the picture of the real life images on one side and the other side is diagram of the signed motion. After 2 weeks of doing these daily, Chunk can sign 15 of the cards just by seeing the picture of object. Spank remembered all but a couple of the 52 signs.
The Basic Baby Sign Language Flash Card set comes with 52 signs
: airplane, apple, baby, ball, banana, bear, bird, boat, book, bread, bug, bunny, butterfly, car, cat, cereal, cheese, chicken,
clothes, cow, diaper, dog, duck, egg, elephant, fan, fish, flower, frog, giraffe, grapes, hat, horse, keys, kite, lion, monkey, mouse, orange, pig, potty, sheep, shoes, slide, snake, swing, tiger, toothbrush, train, tree, turtle & water.

The baby sign language book is a guide to teaching your child how to sign, it is a pretty basic quick run through of a recommendation of which signs are best to start with and many other tips and pointers. I really liked that it has a Quick start Guide and will have you ready to sign in 30 minutes, then as baby is progressing you can advance into combining signs and other more developed topics.
I really enjoyed the
reference dictionary, which contained over 600 signs from the in the most popular words, and upgrading to the more uncommon signs. I refer to it quite a bit, so that I don't miss opportunities to be able to incorporate signs into our daily conversations. I simply loved that it was alphabetized and easy to find the words, I also liked that they each had illustrated diagrams with each sign, showing you how to correctly sign the words, making learning new signs a bit simpler.

We hung our Wall chart on Chunk's wall next to his reading area, he often goes up to it and will point and mimic the signs. It has 22 of the basic signs, like eat, more and milk. I think Chunk's favorite sign is Ball, he is constantly doing it, nearly as much as he is gathering all the balls in the house up to play. I will also catch him signing Car to Spank when they are playing with his Mater and remote control car.

I am really hoping that our sign language will continue to grow, and the boys will become fluent signers.  

If you are looking to teach your child(ren) sign language, I would HIGHLY recommend this! My boys have learned so much already, and we have only been doing it for 2 weeks. 

To Buy:
To Purchase the baby sign language book or any of the other items, visit their website. Also, be sure to add them on facebook.

Chattanooga Zoo-Earn Extra Entries to Giveaway

If you've been following my blog for a while, I'm sure you've read my post about our trip to the Chattanooga Zoo last Fall, We had a blast! It is a smaller Zoo, but it is so nice to not have to fight the crowds and be cramped together. There is plenty of space for a picnic or to just let the kids run free, which is wonderful for Momma's with active little ones like mine!

I am offering 3 bonus entries to any Giveaway you choose, for readers who go "LIKE" Chattanooga Zoo's FACEBOOK page. Leave your name below letting me know you did and which giveaway you would like your extra entries in.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zoobies Review & Giveaway

Zoobies Review & Giveaway

Spank recently had his First sleepover, and was so excited to be going.  He thought he needed to pack the WHOLE house in his tiny suitcase. He kept asking where he was going to fit his pillow & blanket to take with him, I'll admit I didn't want to have to arrive arms full, looking like we had brought everything but the kitchen sink. I decided his Zoobies blanket pet would be perfect, a pillow and blanket in one and it wouldn't take up much space.
Zoobies, LLC was started by 2 young brothers, who came from a large family of 9, who wanted to create items  for children that consolidated what they brought when going on vacations and road trips, and help make life easier for Moms.

We were sent the Bubba the Black Bear Zoobies, Which was perfect because Spank is called Bubba around here. Spank was so excited to see that it was both a pillow and a blanket and Chunk was loving that it was a stuffed animal and Oh so soft!
I can already tell that Bubba the Black Bear is going to be a family favorite for sleepovers and road trips! Zoobies now has Storytime Pals also and we LOVE Llama Llama in this house, I'll have to order this one for when Spank goes to Pre-K in the Fall!

To Buy:
Want to purchase one of the many Zoobies they have available? Visit their Website, or add them on Facebook.

To Win:
One lucky reader will win a regular Zoobies blanket pet. To enter follow the information on the rafflecopter form below. Click "read more" to enter.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Haute Bottoms Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

Haute Bottoms Review & Giveaway

I was recently sent a diaper from a fellow Boy Mommy, like Myself. Neisha, the creator of Haute Bottom Diapers decided to try Cloth Diapering when her second son had terrible rashes from Disposable diapers. She tried Cloth, and fell in love! She then decided to share the Love of Cloth with other Parents, and started Haute Bottoms. I love the Name, such a cute idea.
Neisha sent me one of Haute Bottoms New diapers to review, a Ruby Red Ultimate diaper.

Here are My Thoughts:
Diaper Type:Pocket
Sizing: OS
Closure: double row of waist snaps
Number of snaps on each wing:5, with hip snap.

What Diaper: An Ultimate Diaper from Haute Bottoms in Ruby Red.
Diaper Type: Pocket
Sizing: OS
Material: This diaper's lining is made of stay dry suede, and has an outer layer of waterproof PUL. This diaper does not need a cover.

Insert material: The insert I reviewed was a 3 layer Microfiber Insert. It also has double ended openings to help inserts self-agitate out in the wash!

The Fit: The fit of this diaper was Awesome, It fit great around every part of Chunk.  This diaper actually has 4 sizes in 1, and is their smallest diaper yet! Going from XS-LG, this truly does range Right from birth to Potty Trained.

Print: We received the New Ruby Red Print, I loved the colors in it, so vibrant and colorful. Haute Bottoms has some of the cutest prints and colors in their cloth diaper section, I am going to be ordering some of the Polka dot & striped Diapers next time we update our stash!

Leaks: We have used this diaper overnight, with a doubler we had on hand, and it didn't leak through the night! This Diaper also has the Double Leg Gussets, that helps avoid leakage from the leg area. We have had no leaks from our Haute Bottoms Ultimate Diaper.

Cost: It depends on which style or print you choose, but Haute Bottoms Cloth Diapers are 9.95-13.95. Considering I had no Leaks with mine, and overnight, I'd say that is more than affordable.

On the scale of 1-5:
Fit: 4/5
Print: 4/5
Cost: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
I would recommend  Haute Bottom Cloth Diapers to anyone. If you aren't using Cloth, but are looking into using Cloth, I recommend Haute Bottoms. You will love having No leaks,being able to use one sized diaper from Birth to Potty Training and the self-agitating insert feature just seals the deal for me. 

Buy It:
Did I convince you to try Haute Bottom Diapers for yourself?  You can purchase their Cloth Diaper by  going to their Website, Or you can contact Neisha on their Facebook page. Be sure to "Like" their page to keep up with all their latest and greatest products and deals.

Win It:
One Lucky reader will Win a $20 E- Gift Card to Haute Bottoms to purchase their own Haute Bottoms Diaper to add to their stash. To enter, Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form below.
Click "Read More" to enter.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Smiley 360- another addiction

So I just recently heard about, and I am addicted. is a website where consumers(you) participate in their social media programs and in return get to try out products and  spread the word about that product, and provide Smiley360 with some feedback on the product.
I love that they go on a point system and everyone starts at the lowest level,You can earn smiles and rewards and your status will move up. Best of all- Its all FREE!!

Be sure to Sign up today and start earning!!
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