Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boo Rad Lee Clothing Review

Boo Rad Lee Clothing

I am a HUGE fan of kids clothing with humorous sayings, but lets face it some of the sayings get a bit old after you've read it 21 times. When I came across Boo Rad Lee Clothing I was so excited to learn they didn't have any of those overdone sayings screen printed on their t-shirts! I was Laughing out Loud while scrolling through their choices, mostly because I could relate to over half of them. 

Want to learn a little about the creators of Boo Rad Lee Clothing, here is a bit about them from their Website:

Boo Rad Lee Clothing is a family-owned clothing company based in Nashville, TN. The McConnells decided to start this clothing line after the birth of their first child, a boy. Looking around the normal places for clothes was kind of a painful experience for them. Most baby clothes were either way too old-fashioned, a little stupid, or just plain ugly. Brad started jotting down slogan ideas of his own for onesies, subjects that no one was covering. While there were plenty of onesies talking about the glory of boobs, there were very few slogans that were smart AND funny. Brad set out to change that.

Using self-taught Photoshop skills and a healthy dose of bathroom humor, Brad created design after design that made his wife, Jennifer, laugh. She suggested that he should sell them, and before long, the couple enlisted the help of a few friends to pick the best designs for their very first print run. Brad continues to crank out design ideas while Jennifer helps him edit and gets them ready to sell. Boo Rad Lee Clothing has expanded their sizes, colors, and designs, and is quickly becoming the best place to find the coolest baby and kids clothing available.

I received the Check out the Guns tank top from Boo Rad Lee Clothing for Chunk to review, and I love it!! First off, I must say it is the best quality shirt I've ever gotten. It stayed soft wash after wash and the graphic never cracked a bit! I especially love the saying the hilarious saying, and so did my husband. The shirt fit a little big, but I had no problem with that as he will be able to wear it throughout the Summer as he grows. This shirt is also available in a bodysuit for smaller sizes.

Boo Rad Lee Clothing has a great selection of clothing for both boys & girls. I am loving this Date Night shirt, and they have it in purple/lime for the gals and red/blue for the little guys. Another Favorite of mine is the Daddy Bugged my room T-shirt.  They also have a great line of Elements T-shirts, they create words related to babies only using real element symbols from the periodic table of elements.

Buy It:
Want to purchase one of these hilarious shirts for a little one in your life? You can check out all the humorous designs on their Website. Also, Be sure to add Boo Rad Lee Clothing on Facebook, to keep up with their new products and deals.

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