Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Sign Language Review

When Spank was a baby he knew Baby Sign Language, and that was mostly how he communicated with us until he learned to talk at 24 months. We have slowly been teaching Chunk, but I'll admit I had forgotten most of the basic signs. So when I received our Baby Sign Language package to review I was extremely excited to try it on the boys.

We are teaching them so they are able to communicate with my sisters boyfriend, who is hearing impaired. Sign Language can be great for young children for many reasons including reducing frustration and tantrums by showing your child a new way to communicate, it can also be used to improve speech development.

The kit we received came with the Wall chart, teaching guide, reference dictionary, and a set of nice big baby sign language flash cards. We opened it that day and started with the flash cards, Spank participated as well and It has been fun seeing him learn and help teach his brother as well. The flashcards have the picture of the real life images on one side and the other side is diagram of the signed motion. After 2 weeks of doing these daily, Chunk can sign 15 of the cards just by seeing the picture of object. Spank remembered all but a couple of the 52 signs.
The Basic Baby Sign Language Flash Card set comes with 52 signs
: airplane, apple, baby, ball, banana, bear, bird, boat, book, bread, bug, bunny, butterfly, car, cat, cereal, cheese, chicken,
clothes, cow, diaper, dog, duck, egg, elephant, fan, fish, flower, frog, giraffe, grapes, hat, horse, keys, kite, lion, monkey, mouse, orange, pig, potty, sheep, shoes, slide, snake, swing, tiger, toothbrush, train, tree, turtle & water.

The baby sign language book is a guide to teaching your child how to sign, it is a pretty basic quick run through of a recommendation of which signs are best to start with and many other tips and pointers. I really liked that it has a Quick start Guide and will have you ready to sign in 30 minutes, then as baby is progressing you can advance into combining signs and other more developed topics.
I really enjoyed the
reference dictionary, which contained over 600 signs from the in the most popular words, and upgrading to the more uncommon signs. I refer to it quite a bit, so that I don't miss opportunities to be able to incorporate signs into our daily conversations. I simply loved that it was alphabetized and easy to find the words, I also liked that they each had illustrated diagrams with each sign, showing you how to correctly sign the words, making learning new signs a bit simpler.

We hung our Wall chart on Chunk's wall next to his reading area, he often goes up to it and will point and mimic the signs. It has 22 of the basic signs, like eat, more and milk. I think Chunk's favorite sign is Ball, he is constantly doing it, nearly as much as he is gathering all the balls in the house up to play. I will also catch him signing Car to Spank when they are playing with his Mater and remote control car.

I am really hoping that our sign language will continue to grow, and the boys will become fluent signers.  

If you are looking to teach your child(ren) sign language, I would HIGHLY recommend this! My boys have learned so much already, and we have only been doing it for 2 weeks. 

To Buy:
To Purchase the baby sign language book or any of the other items, visit their website. Also, be sure to add them on facebook.

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