Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't Think about It

Don’t think about it

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

People do not realize why t1 is a big deal when you are in the workplace. That kind of service really is not necessary at my house, I am sure, but here, it definitely plays a big part in enabling what we do. We are on the Internet all day researching potential clients and maintaining relationships with current customers. Sometimes, that means video chatting, sometimes it just means making a phone call. Either way, you have to have those services in place. I know people do not usually think about what is behind the things they use every day. I mean how often do you think about the parts in a printer, for example. That probably never happens because it is just not that necessary to consider. I think it is probably more necessary to consider your service elements in this case though. I mean it is about who is providing the stuff necessary to send data, stream videos or conduct conference calls. It is definitely a more important and more complex thing than people really think about all the time. I do not blame them! If the phone or the Internet works, then the typical person here does not need to know the data capabilities.

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