Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Splendipity Snuzzle me Review

Splendipity Snuzzle Me

One of my Husband's biggest complaints is when we leave the house we have to carry around two separate covers for germs, because typically one won't fit both. He also hates the bulkiness of the ones we have! So when we tried out the Snuzzle me by Splendipity he was happy that it had 7 different uses in one portable little tote.

You heard me correctly! The Snuzzle Me is a 7-in-1 cover that can be used as a infant car seat cover, car seat shade, swing cover, high chair cover, nursing shawl, shopping cart cover, and a stroller cover. How neat is that? Since Chunk has outgrown his infant gear, and isn't nursing anymore, I sadly only got to use this for a high chair and shopping cart, but I loved it. I will be keeping it, in case we have more babies!

Splendipity is a a small Eco-friendly business, with Modern Organic Mom invented products. They use safe materials and products, and their facilities are no waste, they use every last inch to provide the most cost-effective product. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations such as SIDS, Keep a Child Alive, Operation Smile, as well as others. Also, When you check out, they give you the option of where you'd like your portion of your sale to be donated! How wonderful is that?

The thing I loved the most about it was the feel, It is the softest material, so cozy! It kept its softness in the washer too! I also loved that the wash cycle was so simple, It didn't have straps getting stuck, and wasn't really bulky like his other covers.

I was also sent a Burp cloth and it was the same soft material! The Snuzzle Me & burp cloth are made out of 100% organic ultra-soft cotton. I chose the peapod(green)color, they also have it in honeysuckle(a pinkish color) and regatta(blue.

I would recommend this to anyone with a baby on the way, or a parent tired of carrying multiple covers! It would also be good as one to leave with the grandparents, as it isn't bulky at all!

Want to buy a Snuzzle Me, burp cloths, or other great baby items? Check out Splendipity online at, or on facebook-

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