Saturday, November 26, 2011

weekend planning..Kinda.

Since I was so busy this weekend with all the shopping and family gathering, I didn't get a chance to post my weekend planning. Instead, I will just post my weekend events! Same thing, but rather than looking forward, I'm looking back. 

 shopping all day with my hubby, my younger sister, and her boyfriend. We were out from midnight-4pm. Then we napped for a couple hours, and made some dinner, and watched some movies. We all had a fun time, and got some great deals! 

We cooked our Post Thanksgiving Meal, since my sister is a nursing student and was scheduled to work at the hospital on Thanksgiving, we just had our turkey dinner a little later. It was both of our first times preparing a turkey, but we survived!  Thank goodness for Moms & Grandmas to help talk you through their recipes! In the end, it all turned out delicious, and was homemade, and I won't forget the experience.
We took the Boys to see the Light's display at the college, Lights of Life. We go every year on Black Friday, but we were wore out this year, so we pushed it back a night! It was so fun to see the boys reaction to all the Christmas lights!
 Today we will be getting the house back in order after the last couple days of chaos! We also have dinner plans with my Husband best friend of 15 years, who is visiting from China. 

Did anyone score any great Black Friday deals? Anyone waiting it out for Cyber Monday? I think I may try out Cyber Monday this year too!

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