Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday 

So Spank has started talking alot more in last couple months, and some of the phrases that boy has learned are funny, especially in the situations he chooses to use the phrases. 
For example, The other day I'm cleaning the kitchen and he comes in and says "Say no more Mom, I got this" 
cleans up his snack wrappers and walks out. We have no clue where he learned it, but it made us laugh out loud. 

Since Chunk has learned to crawl the last couple months, he is exploring everything around the house. His current favorite-the fireplace. While it isn't hot, its still a danger, so we are always saying "no no" and moving him to his toys. When I got onto him the other day and moved him, Spank (who is currently obsessed with Santa Claus) exclaims " OH NO! Don't let him go there, he will make Santa fall out of the fireplace! He lives up there!"  He also think Santa watches him on the store cameras. Again, no idea where it came from. I just told him Santa was watching him and I guess he assumed on the Store Cameras. Whatever helps him behave, I wont complain!

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