Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Journey through finding an Eco-friendly disposable diaper

Our Journey through Cloth Diapering has been Interesting to say the least. It is definitely worth it seeing his cute little rump covered in fluff though! I love how he hasn't had a rash since switching either, I only wish we'd made the switch sooner. Our only problem is finding a night cloth diaper that doesn't leak, after trying many and having no luck he is in disposables at night. We hated to put those diapers that break him out back on him, even just for the night, so we tried a couple different Eco-friendly brands. We found some we were not crazy about, until we FINALLY found some we LOVE!! Nature Babycare diapers are amazing. No Leaks, all non-toxic and affordable! I had to tell you, so if you are looking for a good night diaper, or eco-friendly diaper in general, these diapers ROCK!

Interested in where to find them?
You can buy them direct HERE
or purchase on AMAZON 
where sometimes they will run specials on them.

We will stick to these and continue to try out some cloth diapers, until we can find one that works well enough to hold through the night. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment away!

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  1. Here on the Alexa Hop!
    Come visit

    We did cloth diapering for our twins for about a year with an eco-friendly service - but they did leak, and the twins kept getting rashy, but nothing like the pics I've seen online of diaper rashes, thank goodness!


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