Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Spank is a very athletic child. He loves playing all types of sports, we aren't sure if it's his age, or something he will carry on with. Either way we are encouraging in every way possible, we feel it is important for children to get  a lot of exercise and stay active. After much discussion and Spank's input we have decided his next sport will be hockey. 
Being from Michigan, I enjoyed hockey growing up, the games and playing after school. There is an organization that has hockey teams for young kids near us, and they have skate lessons before or after hockey practice. I could teach him, but I think he will work better with a coach. Spank is so excited to get his gear and start playing soon. As you know Canada is pretty known for their hockey, so I wasn't surprised when we found this buying guide,( it really helped with purchasing his gear, especially his skates. I knew it was important to get the right size for his safety and for his comfort too. We also knew that we didn't want to spend too much money, but wanted a good skate for him, this guide was great for that! It gave great skates for different price ranges.
 We have decided to get him the Easton Stealth skate, we like the idea of the ankle padding that helps reduce the break in time. I loved that they broke this down into junior and senior because I was having a hard time knowing what I needed to measure and look out for with all this. Now on to purchasing the rest of his gear, hoping he stays with it, cause this is starting to add up! I'd hate to imagine the prices if I hadn't checked out the Hockey gear buying guide.  Hubby isn't a hockey fan, but we are all excited to watch Spank! Watch for upcoming posts of my little man & his journey through learning to play Hockey! 

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