Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Moja Creations Review

My boys love their snacks and I, like many other moms don't leave the house without snacks for the trip. Even if it is only to the grocery store, a snack bag full of kiddie mix makes the trip a lot easier for all of us! Using a ziploc everytime just seemed ridiculous to me, and those snacker trappers that "claim" to keep your child's snack from spilling every don't always keep the snack from spilling all over the diaper bag.

When Moja Creations sent me one of their reusable snack bags, in an adorable Dinosaur Print a couple months ago, I was thrilled. I can honestly say this is hands down the greatest bag! This bag is made of Cotton Fabric with a Nylon Lining and a 6" Velcro strip. Its size is 6.5" x 4.5" and has a handy Elastic loop for easy carrying and to roll up and close.

We have used our bag for everything from Kiddie trail mix to raisins or grapes cut up. It wipes right out and is extremely easy to clean up, which we loved. The velcro is very strong, so little ones would have a harder time opening it, but that will help any unwanted messes. My oldest, who is 4 had no trouble opening though, and he can roll and close it as well. It is the perfect size to fit a small snack for running errands, and the size is perfect to toss in the diaper bag.  I think my Favorite feature is the elastic loop though, I especially love it because we are going through the "lets see how many times mommy will pick this up after I drop it" phase, and with the loop I can attach it to his toy leash and hook that onto the stroller or cart cover and I don't have to keep stopping to pick it up or worry about him tossing it out when I don't see and us loosing it!

Moja Creations has other Great Products, such as Cloth Napkins, sandwich bags & wraps, and some adorable Lunch Totes, and you choose out of all these cute fabric choices! I know where I will be shopping when Spank starts School next Fall!

To Buy:
Want to buy one of the products listed above? Shop Moja Creations online at or visit them on Facebook.

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