Monday, August 20, 2012

Lunch Line-up: Day 2

I think this was Chunk's favorite Lunch all week! He loved his Pancakes(1,2,3 shaped) and he liked helping me make them! We found out he isn't a big fan of boiled eggs now, he used to devour them, in fact at Easter in May I had to tell him if he didn't stay out of them the Easter Bunny wouldn't have any to hide for him! So, We will be switching the boiled egg out next time for scrambled, unless he changes his mind! I think this meal was a bit filling, cause he brought home the Chewy Quaker bar and at as his after school snack this day. I'd rather him get enough to eat, than go hungry the rest of the day.

Wondering about his cute little Skull Labels? Be sure to check back this week for my Review on Oliver's Labels to learn more about them!

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