Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Soon to be here Baby makes three!

Time really does fly once you get about half way through your first trimester. I am officially 21 weeks old and cannot wait for our new little man to arrive! I will admit I am a bit concerned with how Chunk will react, him being the baby and all, he is very attached. I do know that he will be perfectly fine once he gets used to the idea when Baby 3 makes his debut. Spank, on the other hand, cannot wait for his smallest baby brother to arrive! With every doctors appointment I return from Spank is asking me if the Doctors have gotten the baby out, and where is it? Why didn't I bring him home with me? He is extremely anxious to see this little guy, Which is a huge relief for me. For the entire first trimester all he did was tell people he was excited to be getting a baby sister, we prepped him for the possibility of it being another brother, but he just kept telling us he already had a brother and needed a sister now. So, we are both excited to see he has warmed up to the idea of having two brothers. Now, all we have to work on is him sharing his trains with these two younger guys!

With time approaching so quickly and us having two birthdays, plus Christmas arriving at the same time as this little man, I have realized we need to get a jump on picking up items we will need for him. We hadn't planned on having any more and had just given away a majority of the items we had from Chunk, so we will be repurchasing quite a few baby items. The good thing about it is by the time the third baby comes along, you know what you really "need" and the items you never used and probably never will. Either way buying baby stuff again is exciting!

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