Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday

Toddler Talk Tuesday is Back!!
Join me in celebrating the comical dialog that come from the mouths of your babes. 
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Spank has been talking a while now, but his speech is really improving and with his so is his sense of humor!

I was cleaning the house the other day, putting things away when I had the Home first aid kit(in a cool decorated box) Spank comes up and asks what it is? I start to tell him, but only get out its a ho- and he cuts me off excitedly saying "Its a HUNGER GAME? Oooo I love those MMM"

Chunk still isn't talking much, but he has mastered the art of tattling already at 15 months! He will hollar "MOMMA" and point if Spank, Daddy or his aunts are doing something he thinks is wrong! Its quite funny to see him.

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