Monday, October 24, 2011

monday mingle

Monday Mingle

1. Have your kids brought home any colds/flus from school yet to share with the family? If you don’t have kids, have you been sick recently?  So far, so good! They are home with me majority of the time, but when we've been out we have been lucky to avoid it! With any luck, it will stay that way.
2. What is something that you are obsessive about at home (cleaning, order, etc.)? Clutter! No clutter here! I cannot stand mail piling up, unorganized toys, clothes and other items. We spring clean and clear out once a month in this house!
3. What is the best Halloween costume YOU have ever worn? I think it would be Wilma, and my hubby was Fred for our first halloween.

1 comment:

  1. Hello!

    Wilma - I love that. What a clever idea!

    I don't like clutter either. It is so hard to find a place for everything in my house, as we have no storage. So frustrating!

    Thanks for mingling!


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