Monday, October 17, 2011

My crock pot is my new best friend.

So lately I've been cooking a ton of meals in my crock pot. I've heard about how easy it is to just put everything in there and let it cook all day, but I had no idea there were so many ideas great recipes! Last week I tried out a few new ones, We had shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches which I loved because I just put the chicken in frozen and whole and bbq and brown sugar and let it cook for the day, then shredded it and served. It was a big hit with the family! We also tried london broil with potatoes 
and mushrooms that was good. This week I am planning to try out some delicious looking recipes that I've found on some great blogs and websites.

slow cooker tex-mex chicken with rice
Spicy country ribs

triple layer lasagna

There are some other great one's that I've found I look forward to trying, Meatballs will be a big hit, I am sure! 
Looking for some good recipes? Pinterest has some great recipes as well as these links below.


triple layer lasagna

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