Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boys First trip to Disney

I know its been a while since we went on our Vacation to Disney World, but it has been hectic since then! We've all been sick and then another virus made it's rounds again a week later, add in the day to day duties and it's been busy! Things are finally starting to settle down again, so I thought I would post some of the photos. My youngest sister has a majority of the photos on her camera, Thank Goodness! I say this because my camera decided to mess up on me a couple weeks back and deleted all my photos and information out of my phone, so I lost all the photos that I hadn't sent to my husband or uploaded onto my Facebook already. 

He met Pinocchio, although I'm sad to admit he didn't know who he was. I'm making a note to get that movie!
Disney Marketplace Lego Store, I think this was Spank's favorite place, aside from the giant Stitch who spits water(he is in LOVE with Lilo & Stitch)
Chunk with his Mickey they gave him at Check-in to our hotel.(he has slept with it every night since)
Sightseeing around our hotel the AM before going to Magic Kingdom.
Spank playing in the water at the Magic Kingdom while waiting to ride the Magic Carpet Ride.
Spank's First time riding Dumbo!

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