Thursday, April 26, 2012

Giani Granite Counter top project

When we bought our house a little over a year ago, we've been talking about how we couldn't wait until we can re-do our counter tops. They were in such rough condition, dull white with stains and the previous owner apparently scorched the area next to the stove(I'm still not sure how that happened). They needed a definite change and since we knew we wanted to wait to replace the counter tops until we had enough to redo the whole kitchen, we decided to just makeover the counter tops! The next choice was deciding what to do, I've seen people paint them, but it wasn't exactly the most attractive option. I remembered seeing the DIY granite paint kits, and thought this would be our best route to counter top makeover! When I stumbled upon Giani Granite, countertop paints, I was offered a kit of my choice for Review, our next choice was deciding which color.

Giani Granite offers granite paint in seven different colors Sicilian sand, Chocolate brown, Bombay Black, White Diamond, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green & Roma Red. We choose the Bombay Black, our cabinets are white and our flooring is white as well, but our curtains and decor is black and white buffalo check, so we thought the black would look Great! To start, the kit comes with an instructional Dvd which I sat down and watched so I wouldn't mess it up and then set to work. The first step is cleaning the counter top's with a good degreaser and get all the stuff up off the surface. Next, I had to tape everything off and trust me when I say be sure the tape is stuck down and nothing can get underneath(this primer isn't coming up). I had to wait 24 hours before putting on the next coat. Then comes the actual paint, which is 3 colors and it goes on with a sea sponge, letting each dry in between, Finally comes the sealer.

We were pleased with the results, even my family came to visit the next week and complimented on it. I was really nervous about tackling this project, but with the help of the kit and very detailed instructions, I got through it easily! I loved that it even has a practice board to practice the sponge prints on before you move to your counter tops! I would recommend this kit to anyone looking to get the "Granite look" but for a fraction of the cost!

Side Note: I had the greatest photos of this process to achieving these awesome counter tops, until mentioned in my Disney post, My phone died and I lost all my info, including photos!

To Buy:
To purchase Giani Granite Counter top Paint kits visit their website. You can also add them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their latest and Greatest news!


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