Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leo Wall Stickers Review

I am the biggest fan of wall stickers, especially for our boys walls with their ever changing bedroom themes. Spank has his Cat in the Hat wall stickers in his room, but we could never find anything for Chunk's room. He has an Owl/forest theme to his room, and majority of the Owls or animals are too girly for our little man's bedroom. When I was offered the opportunity to review LEO Wall Stickers and saw they had a forest theme, I was beyond excited!

We have recently added Chunk a reading area in his room, he loves to sit and look at books a lot, so we added a bench with a cushion and a tree with some shelves.(We still haven't added the last shelf.) I knew the LEO Wall Stickers would go perfectly in that area!

The application was quite easy, and the directions were extremely thorough. It was a bit different than other decals I have used, but they were a lot thicker and seemed quite a bit more durable than the one's I've purchased before(that have ripped). So far they have held up Wonderfully, this is with two boy's, rough and tough, playing near this wall multiple times a day. 

Buy It:
You can Visit Leo Wall Sticker's Website to purchase your own Wall decals.

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