Wednesday, April 4, 2012 Review

I'll be the first to admit I'm terrible with including cards with gifts. I just think to me greeting cards seem pointless, I read it and as bad as it may sound, I tend to toss it unless it has some significant meaning to me(which is only a handful of them). I'm sure there are many others out there like me, I know Kids are too! I couldn't tell you how many birthday party's I have gone to where the kids toss the card aside and rip into the gift.

Next birthday or event you need to send a greeting card why not send them a flying card? Wondering what exactly a flying card is? Here is the description from their website:
"It's a replacement for a greeting or birthday card, but so much better!!!  An original Flying Card from is a completely customized full-sized plastic disc (
approx. 9 1/4 inches round weighing 100 grams) that will be delivered for you in place of a greeting card or invitation, no envelope and no packaging, just the Flying Card.  It is a card and a gift, all in one!!!  You completely customize the Flying Card for your recipient with your own message (unlike a greeting card) and you can even add a picture for free."

Their Prices are more than worth it, especially when you compare it to what you are spending on those greeting cards from pricey shops. These would make great Easter Gift/cards for those special ones afar or near in your life. Shipping is free and you can have delivery confirmation included for only $1. The best part is you can have a photo put on the disc. I have decided these would make the best invitations or birth announcements for the boys or any babies we may or may not have in the future.

To Buy:
To send your own flying card visit their website and create your own!

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