Monday, April 23, 2012

My Hikes-pant cuff fasteners Review

Are you like me and get so tired of hearing your child's pants drag on the ground? Even more frustrating is when I'll be doing laundry and see the back of their pants and frayed and worn down, so by the time they actually grow into them the back bottoms are gone! Both of my boys have this problem, but Spank has always had shorter legs, while Chunk's are longer. The fact that Chunk isn't walking yet could also be the reason I think Spank has 'the drag' a little worse. We received My Hikes, fasteners for the pant cuff, to review on the boys pants.

When I received our Pant cuffs, I was excited to see that she had sent the baseball designs. Our family is HUGE Atlanta Braves fans so I couldn't wait to get them in their Braves gear and of course roll those pants up(like always) only this time I put those cute little baseball Pant cuffs on each leg! The boys had done a good bit of walking on the first day I used these, we went to the Outlet malls, and their cuffs stayed in place. The only problem was one side kept wanting to come down, so it looked lopsided but, they never stepped on them!
A bit on the creator of My Hikes:
Dani Schlesinger studied advertising at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She enjoyed living in Chicago for 14 years where she met her husband, had two children and conceived the idea for My Hikes™. She now loves living in Austin, Texas where she is launching My Hikes™ and enjoying a little more sunshine. Dani's career began in strategic planning working for major advertising agencies in Chicago. After 5 years, she wanted to try working more independently so she became a real estate agent. Soon after she established herself, she was featured on HGTV's House Hunters.

The cuffs are a breeze to use, you simply slip them onto the cuff and they are just that simple to remove as well! I would recommend these to any parent to use on their kids, think about how much you could save by buying their jeans a size ahead and rolling the cuff! They aren't just for kids either, adults can use them too for those pesky dragging jeans and pants! They have a variety of designs to choose from on their website.

Buy It: To purchase My Hikes, visit their website.

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