Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Designs By Janet Personalized Mommy jewelry Review

Since Spank was born I've been eyeballing mommy jewelry, I hadn't found any that I was crazy about until I stumbled upon Designs by Janet.  I loved that her pieces had a center quote and let you display the names of each child in a font that is large enough to be seen, unlike some that you have to squint at it to read.  When I contacted Janet about doing a review, she sent me the beautiful Custom Blessed Momma charm pendant set. The pendant set is an 18" Tiffany Style Necklace, adorned with a 1.25" Bubble reading "Blessed Momma", a large crystal dangle and two baby word stix personalized with both of my boys names on them.

"A bit of Information about Designs by Janet from her website:
Hey, Girls!!  We specialize in soldered pendants, cowgirl jewelry, concho necklaces and bracelets,  gemstone sets, Funky Chunky Sets, trendy purses, cross shirts, AND NeW Cowhide Flipflops!!  This is a mother daughter site.  I am Janet, the designer and crafter.  Mom is the person you will visit with on the phone or in person at our shows.  Grandma relieves us during shows AND loves to visit with everyone!  Katelyn is my daughter and LOVES to help mom design new pieces.  She has started learning how to strand my signature pieces!  Four generations having a BLAST!"

They make many different things, like mentioned above in their info. Any of their items would make a Wonderful Gift for Mother's Day coming up! I am planning on ordering the Chandelier Blessed Set  for my Mom for Mother's Day, I just cannot decide if I want it to be from My sisters & I or from the boys.  I will have to discuss this with my sisters and decide soon.

Buy It: To purchase any of the Great items mentioned above or check out the other beautiful pieces they have, check out their website. Right now for all my special Mommy readers out there, they are offering a discount, to receive a 10% discount off your order AND free shipping, at checkout enter the code: ohthejoysofboys
NOTE: This code is not valid with any other promotions. 


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