Thursday, April 5, 2012

Funbites food cutter Review & Giveaway

I've posted a while back about our recent trip to Disney, but haven't had time to post much since then as its been crazy around here with sickness bouncing around and pre-planned Easter festivities, but our trip went great and we all had a blast. What does this have to do with the product review you ask? Everything! I took along our Funbites cube it and boy, oh, boy was I ever so glad that I did. 

Wanna know a little about what Funbites are and how it works?
Here is a little from their website:
"Funbites is the first state of the art kitchen tool that instantly cuts kids' food into BITE-SIZED FUN SHAPED PIECES. Funbites is 100% MADE IN THE USA.  They are perfect to get even the pickiest eaters to try something new and eat healthier.  Make lunchtime more fun and create a funbites® Bento lunch!
Choose your favorite funbites® pack in Cube It! or Luv It! Each pack includes it's own cutter with curved blades that quickly cuts food into small bites and a matching popper that instantly pops! out the fun-shaped pieces so hands are clean, food is untouched.  Use on any kid-friendly food from pancakes, fish, cheese, and bread to waffles, watermelon and burgers! Start with a flat surface and let the magic begin!"

Chunk is at that stage where he is over baby food purees and us feeding him, but cannot chew an awful lot of food yet. When we went to Disney we packed sandwiches and some snacks for lunches and ate dinners out. I made Chunk his Soy butter sandwiches and cut them up with the Funbites and put em in our sandwich bag. So simple to just pop a couple out while waiting in line or walking around in the stroller without having to break out a whole sandwich and tear little pieces off for him. I know, you may be thinking why not just cut it?  This seriously takes 2 seconds and cuts in even pieces so you know some aren't cut too large for the little ones. We use it at home all the time, and I'm thinking about purchasing two more for my mother's house and In-laws for when the boys are eating over there.

Buy It:
Wanna purchase your own Funbites for your little or bigger ones? They are available on their website in two different shapes. Wanna see them on your local Walmart Shelves? Be sure to vote for them in the Get on the Shelf contest!

Win It:
One Lucky Reader will win their own Funbites!  To enter to win just follow the directions on the rafflecopter form below, if you cannot see it, Click "read more".
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  1. great idea! Would love to enter more, but I don't have twitter :(

  2. It would be awesome to use on sandwiches!

  3. Everything! Using it on sandwiches is a great idea. I have a toddler who loves shapes, so I would probably try it on veggies and fruit too just for fun.

  4. I'd love to use this on cheese -- buy a big block and cut it up from there! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  5. I would LOVE to use this on hamburgers! :) They're always TOO big for little hands! My 1 1/2 year old would LOVE this! :)

  6. it would be great on chicken

  7. Would be great for my son's sandwiches!

  8. Toast! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I want to use this one my daughters cheese sandwiches (she will only eat things that are bite sized lol) and my sons PB&J sandwiches! This would also be handy for pizza (trust me, cutting pizza into tiny squares is not fun) and JELLO!

  10. I'd love to try this on soy butter and strawberry jam sandwiches for my little man. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  11. I would like to use it on apples.


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