Saturday, September 17, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge

So I stumbled across this 30 Day Blog Challenge while browsing Textbook Mommy's blog. I thought it would be a fun Challenge and bring up some Interesting Topics, and also let my readers know a little about me.
Day One
My Current Relationship.

Hubby & I in 2006, just starting out.

I am happily married for nearly a year now. We got married last year, in October, after being engaged for five years. I met my hubby while going to see a local band play at small venue in our area. We spotted one another from across a darker room, we happened to have a mutual friend. We both were asking her about one another, and she finally introduced us. I had just gotten out of a relationship and wasn't looking for another one right away. Guess that saying is true, "Love happens when you least expect it." We started out as friends, although; Im not certain either of us really saw one another as Only Friends. I think there was always a connection, even from the beginning. We always laughed so much, and still do. That is the one thing that keeps us going in our relationship when things get rough, Laughter. He is just as much my best friend today, Seven years later, as he was then.
Hubby & I in 2011-he has less hair & I have more weight, but we're happy.


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  3. Beautiful. I definitely agree about the laughter. No matter how much my husband and I fight and argue and annoy one another, there's the simple fact that he can ALWAYS make me laugh. And that's a big deal.

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