Monday, September 19, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday.

I've decided to link up to Tiny Talk Tuesday, after all who doesn't love hearing things from the mouths of babes! I know I've enjoyed following alot of other blogs reading what their little ones say!
I am pretty sure I send out texts daily to my husband and sisters about the silliest or funniest things Spank has said or done that day. He is always keeping us laughing!

First, let me say Spank loves Popcorn, so much so that when we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween last year, he chose Popcorn!
Spank taking his costume contest photo, Halloween 2010.(he won 2nd)

We've recently started popping our own popcorn, I think it just tastes so much better that way, plus no radiation from microwave!
Well, the other night we put him to bed and I decided to make some popcorn for Hubby & I to enjoy with our movie. As soon as it started popping, his door opens and out his little head pops, and says "What's that Smell?" I told him that I was making Daddy and I a snack, and I would make him some tomorrow. He then tells me " You guys can't eat popcorn without me!"  That boy has the nose of a bloodhound when it comes to popcorn!

I am a huge Michigan State University Fan and of course I am proud to put that green & white on my boys! Well Spank has made this momma so proud yelling "Go SPARTY!" every time he sees the MSU Spartan! Although it used to sound more like Go potty! To which my husband and I would hop up and run him to the potty with him looking at us, like whats up with these nuts!?
Saturday Night we went to get Jet's pizza for the game and while we are waiting on the pizza, Spank keeps telling me look at that guy, he is saying Go Sparty. I instantly look around to see where the MSU fan is, after all its rare to find them in Georgia. Spank notices me looking wrong way and tells me, "No, up there, high. He is saying "GO SPARTY!!"  It was the jet's pizza guy, I am not sure what reminds him of Sparty, but I am still happy he was thinking MSU!
Go Sparty!


  1. Very cute:) Love him saying the mascot! And him getting out of bed b/c he smelled the popcorn cooking:) I've got a kid with a nose like that too.... this afternoon she told ME what I was cooking b/c she knew it from the smell... pasta!

  2. Love it! Returning the visit and am now a follower also. Blessings!


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