Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh the joys of cloth!

Since Chunk was born(nearly 8 months) we have partially Cloth Diapered. Basically while at home we used cloth, and when we went out we used disposables. At first I'll admit I had many negative thoughts about Cloth diapering, but as strange as it sounds I'll admit, I love it! There are so many good things to Cloth.

1. They are so much cuter than disposables!! With all the prints and colors they have, I can becoming addictive to shop for fluff!!

2.  Its Green!  Think of all the space we are saving in landfills, even by part time cdiapering! 
3.  It helps cut down on rashes- with no chemicals and breathable material! I'm Sold! (this was my biggest reason)

4. Money in your pocket. I know with just part time cloth, we have cut down on our diaper costs quite a bit. The cost will all depend on what brand or system you choose but in the end, you will see how much you've saved! The One Size is the system we mostly use because they will last him longer. I have heard the downside to One size is that they wear out quicker, we haven't experienced this yet.

5. Less leaks!! I cannot tell you how many leaks we've had with disposables, especially with Spanky. I guess its something with boys, or maybe just my boys. But we had so many leaks, i would carry 3-4 changes of clothing for a short trip to the store. They are for sure heavy wetters! I could count on one hand how many I've had with cloth in 8 months, and I dont have to change as often as with disposable, because it absorbs away from his skin and he is as dry as can be!

We have had so many problems with Chunk's bottom breaking out, and tried many disposable brands. They all have chemicals in them now to help with absorbancy and it just doesn't react well with his skin. So we have decided to make the total switch to Cloth! It seems like his skin clears up when he has them on, until he has to wear the disposables again while we are out.

So far we've used the cheaper ebay diapers, which work alright. I just double up the inserts during the day and triple at night. We also have a couple OS Fuzzibunz, which we really like. The only downside to Fuzzibunz in my opinion is the price, they are a bit higher than some of the others we've used. Looks wise: The ebay diapers have alot of prints or solids, while Fuzzibunz only has solids. Either way, they both look adorable on Chunk's cute little bootie!
(I'll have to get a pic of him in his FB when he wakes up)

Do Any of you use Cloth, If so, What are some of your favorite cloth brands?

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