Sunday, September 25, 2011

ABC's of me

A- Atlanta Braves!! We are huge Braves fans in this house!!
B- Beatles, music that can instantly change my mood.
C-Charles Bartholomew Joseph "CHUCK" Bass- I pretty much love Gossip Girl and he is the #1 reason why!
D-Disney Channel. Yea, I still watch it! Confession: I love Good luck charlie and Wizards of Waverly Place :)
E-Elliott, The name of my one true love. My husband.
F-Fall, I'd be happy with it being forever fall.
G-Grew up in Michigan, I'll always consider it home. I moved to Georgia when I was 15.
H- Harry Potter, the books, movies, everything! I love HP.
I-Insomnia, I've had it since I was pregnant with Chunk.
J-Jessica, the name I was given...along with everyone else from 1980-1990 (Thanks, mom)
K-Kisses, I love them from all my guys, Hubs included!
L-Laughter, It keeps me going!
M-momma, the best name I've been called!
N-Neat freak, I am not! More like Organized Clutter!
O-Oldest child, & grandchild on both sides, and first girl
to be born with my dad's last name in 35 years. Yea, I was spoiled growing up.
P-Parents, Mine are wonderful!
Q-Queen of the castle! Well, I run things around here!
R-Red, My favorite color!
S-Sisters, My 2 sisters are my greatest friends, I truly couldn't imagine life without them!
T-Target. I could live there, I visit 2x a week.
U-Underdog, a movie Spank Loves, I could quote it for ya!
V-Valentine's Day- I've always loved Valentine's Day! Since I was young I've had a thing for heart shapes.
W-Weird. Thats Me! I am not normal, by any means of the word.
X-Xmen I'm a nerd, I love all the movies and comic books!
Y-"Yesterday" one of my favorite songs.
Z-Zumba, the only work out, aside from running, that I enjoy!


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  8. Love this post! We are a Braves house and I too could live at Target...everything you could ever need is there, why leave?

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