Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 3 of blog challenge

Day 3
Top 5 Pet Peeves

1. Taking off your socks on not putting them in the hamper- I know, It seems small and you may be thinking "whats the big deal? Just pick them up for them" Well, I do pick them up, but that doesn't mean it doesn't annoy the snot out of me! I think because some days its a chore in itself to keep the house picked up behind the boys. Then that certain someone comes home from work, and I understand he doesn't want to run his socks to the hamper as soon as he sits down. I would settle for him picking them up at all! Trust me, I tried when we first moved out together. A week's worth of socks piled up before I couldn't handle it anymore!
2. My food order being wrong, more than once- I have a huge amount of respect for people in the food industry, my first job was at Wendy's, so I understand what is involved in all of it. I had orders come through the drive thru and there have been mistakes made with them, but we would politely fix the order and most of the time the customer would leave happy. I would make sure the order went out correctly the second time, because I know It always got under my skin when they couldn't get my food correct the second time! I have to say it happens to us quite a bit, and my husband always tells me to just eat it! Sometimes I will, depending on the item, sometimes I go back the 3rd time and complain, politely. He rolls his eyes, and I always reply, " I can do that, I used to work fast food."
3.Taking the Trash out of the Garbage can, and not putting a new bag in!
This one I cannot elaborate on, It just one of those odd things, that drives me bonkers. :)
4. People who don't pick up after their pets using bathroom- It was the worst at the apartment we lived in before buying the house, everyone in our building had a dog(s) and they just let them poop everywhere, and leave it. Poor Spank would step in it everytime he went to play ball in grassy area that we finally wouldn't let him play at apartment anymore. One neighbor was just as irritated by this, and actually posted flyers around buildings, I told her I wanted to post some that read " I don't let my kid poop anywhere & not pick it up. Don't let your dog!"
5.When People let their kids put stickers all over the car windows- I mean why? I've never actually known anyone, I just see it driving down the road and it will be a nice expensive vehicle and I always think to myself, why not buy that child a sticker album? We have cling on from inside, our windows are tinted  so you cannot see the clings from the outside. At least the Clings peel right off, I can't imagine how hard it would be to get those stickers off! Poor Mommies & Daddies!

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