Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I've decided to start this blog to be able to connect with other mommies and share stories. As well as sharing advice on products, tips on deals,coupons and anything else that may come up!

A couple of weeks ago, I started homeschool PreK with Spanky, My almost 4 year old. He was getting bored and we needed to get back in a routine. My Husband and I are still unsure whether we are going to homeschool or what route we are going to go, but for now were doing this!

It has been going great, Ive gotten alot of ideas from alot of blogs and incorporated some ideas of my own as well.  I knew with Spanky being such a busy boy, it was going to take some hands on activities to get him to focus and learn. We started with some simple ones with basic stuff from around the house or cheap items from dollar stores. I switch it up from day to day, and he does other fun activities!! Sorry the pictures arent very good, my camera died(hoping for a new one for my upcoming birthday!) Had to take these with my iphone.

Here is Spanky working on a pattern(he is a natural at these)

This is a simple way to teach patterns, Chunk had been sick this week and I hadnt had any time to get anything together. We dont have alot of fancy teaching tools,yet. Im planning on building onto and adding to our Learning center. One idea we plan to try, hopefully this week is fruit kabobs. I know that Spank will love that one, and this Momma will love that hes learning too! Ill try to get some pictures of that!

Spanky Sorting pom poms by color.

This is a simple sorting activity. A pack of Pom Poms ($1 Tree) Muffin Tin and some construction Paper to match colors of pom poms.  Just glue to paper to the inside bottom of each muffin tin and let your little one go to town! I know he enjoyed doing this many times and counting them afterwards.

How do you teach your Little one? Does yours learn better hands on or by lecture/listening?

This is what Chunk Learned these last weeks, and let me tell you, he has perfected it!!

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